SAP on AWS with Protera FlexBridge2021-01-28T23:06:34-06:00

Project Description

Modernize operations, reduce costs and become more agile with SAP on AWS

From the very first SAP instance on AWS, AWS Advanced tier consulting partner Protera has been helping organizations achieve their transformation objectives with improved value, increased quality, and reduced risk.

When you choose Protera and the Protera FlexBridge® platform, you’ll shorten your migration, reduce your project risk, and run your SAP more efficiently on AWS.

From automated risk assessment of your current SAP and non-SAP environments, to optimized architecture and AWS cost prediction, you’ll see a more accurate picture of what your future environment on SAP on AWS will look like. You’ll also have access to a single, real time view of SAP and AWS cost, quality, and performance metrics, powerful automations, and 24×7 support from SAP experts with decades of experience.

See how you can accelerate your SAP transformation on AWS with Protera FlexBridge.

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