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Protera CloudVantage: Transforming Cloud Operations for the Enterprise

The future of enterprise operations is on the cloud. Organizations are adopting cloud solutions at an increasingly rapid pace to drive innovation, accelerate digital transformation, enhance agility, strengthen data management strategies, optimize efficiencies, and more.

But the complexity and scale of modern cloud environments are growing at the same time. This shift has brought new challenges in managing cloud resources. To do it effectively, enterprises must have the right systems and tools in place.

Protera CloudVantage is a best-in-class cloud management platform (CMP) built on Protera’s 25+ years of pioneering enterprise workload management in the cloud. Enhanced by deep engineering partnerships with leading cloud hyperscalers, CloudVantage centralizes cloud tools, processes, and insights, enabling IT and business leaders to bring their organizations to full cloud potential.

This article will explore why every modern enterprise needs a CMP like CloudVantage and the specific ways it delivers business value that sets organizations ahead.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Enterprise use of cloud management platforms will quadruple by 2027, with more than 70% of enterprises adopting this type of system.
  • Every enterprise needs a CMP to manage cloud transformation and operations at the speed and scale that modern business demands.
  • Key benefits of a cloud management platform include cost savings, scalability, and centralized support for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
  • Protera CloudVantage delivers powerful features like expert-led modernization, complete cloud visibility, automated change management and security monitoring, and AI-driven optimization.

Why Your Enterprise Needs a Cloud Management Platform

A comprehensive cloud management platform is no longer a nice-to-have for forward-thinking organizations—it’s a competitive imperative right now. Gartner predicts that by 2027, more than 70% of enterprises will be using an industry cloud platform to accelerate business initiatives.

That’s a 4X increase from 2023. In other words: Those without a streamlined and automated system for managing operations in the cloud will undoubtedly lose competitive position.

Cloud management platforms such as Protera CloudVantage deliver powerful capabilities for the future that can’t be achieved with traditional, manual (often piecemeal) cloud infrastructure management.

Key benefits of a quality CMP include:

  • Cost Savings: Tools for monitoring and managing cloud spend, helping businesses optimize their investments and avoid overspending
  • Top-Tier Security: Always-on threat monitoring, built-in access and security controls, and automated response triggers to minimize cybersecurity risk
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Routine task automation across cloud operations, freeing up time for teams to focus on strategic initiatives rather than day-to-day management
  • Seamless Scalability and Agility: The ability to quickly scale up or down based on demand while maintaining performance and service levels
  • Insight and Visibility: Comprehensive visibility into cloud resources, usage, and performance for informed decision-making and strategic planning
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: Sophisticated backup and DR processes, ensuring business continuity even in the event of system failures or other disruptions
  •  Support for Hybrid and Multi-cloud Environments: The ability to manage diverse hybrid and multi-cloud environments cohesively

As you can see, cloud management platforms are more than just tools for IT efficiency—they’re a strategic asset that empowers organizations to harness the full potential of cloud computing, all while managing risks and costs effectively.

The Protera Difference

Whether you’re embarking on your organization’s first cloud migration or transforming its current cloud strategy for the future, you need a trusted partner on your side.

CloudVantage is backed by Protera’s unmatched expertise and support services, and enhanced by an expansive network that includes the world’s leading cloud hyperscalers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

CloudVantage delivers high levels of automation, transparency, and AI to facilitate optimal enterprise governance and the elimination of legacy complexities that hold enterprises back from reaching their full business potential on the cloud.

CloudVantage supports key roles in managing and optimizing enterprise workloads, from Protera’s own team to yours:

  • Protera Engineering Team: Our internal teams leverage automation-backed frameworks to discover, configure, and build hundreds of servers with the right standards—every time.
  • Client IT Operations: Your IT operations and management teams have 24/7 access to a centralized view of evolving cloud computing environments, including performance metrics, change management, and security monitoring.  
  • Client Leadership: Service management and operational insights are tailored for leadership clarity and an overall system, finance, and security perspective on enterprise workloads in cloud environments managed by Protera.

In short: Protera CloudVantage delivers a best-of-both-worlds experience that includes enabling cutting-edge technology and the human-led expertise you need to operate successfully on the cloud.

How Protera CloudVantage Can Help You Transform

Protera CloudVantage comes with features that have the power to transform and future-proof your business while unlocking new innovation potential for your IT and business teams. The list below includes some of the most important reasons why enterprises choose CloudVantage over other platforms.

Expert-Led Cloud Modernization

CloudVantage brings consistent delivery methods backed by automation at every stage of the enterprise cloud journey, from initial discovery to deployment to continuous optimization. Protera’s expert team of support specialists deliver guidance rooted in industry best practices and customized to your needs.  This means that your infrastructure, applications, and assets are built the right way, the first time, and every time after -- providing peace of mind through secure and consistent work loads.

Complete Visibility

With Protera CloudVantage, you’ll get full visibility into your day-to-day cloud environment that includes operational metrics, change controls, and system health reports such as performance reporting, current patch compliance, SAP request catalogs, and confirmation of successful backup enrollment and status.

Streamlined Change Management

CloudVantage automates many aspects of the change management process, enabling strong oversight with helpful features like a simplified support catalog for case and request submission, the ability to review and approve change management requests in a calendar view, and the ability to combine ticket updates into a single activity stream.

Data Visualizations and Metrics

Visual analytics dashboards in the Protera CloudVantage platform provide holistic views of managed services assets, from VMs to applications and network devices. Dashboards include key metrics such as CPU/memory utilization, network throughput, health scores, and patch and backup compliance.

AI-Driven Continuous Optimization

CloudVantage focuses on two forms of AI themes: Infrastructure optimizations and productivity gains. CloudVantage incorporates AI-backed tool sets to deliver insights that continuously optimize costs and efficiencies while maximizing strategic performance over the lifecycle of your cloud environment. In addition, we employ generative AI technologies to distill voluminous data sets into easily understood summaries tailored to the needs of business executives and engineers.

Upgrade Your Managed Services Partner Today

There is no alternative to trusting your cloud managed services provider from every perspective: human, technology, and quality of service. Protera is committed to excellence in all three of these areas.

Protera CloudVantage sets the standard for optimal enterprise cloud governance, and our on-demand support services ensure you never wait to address important questions, concerns, and opportunities that arise throughout your cloud journey.

Contact our team today for a review of Protera CloudVantage to learn more about maximizing your grasp on your modernization roadmap and the success, cost, and security behind it.