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SAP on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s First Preferred Partner for SAP on Azure Migrations in North America

"Microsoft has chosen Protera as a Preferred Partner for migrating SAP to the Azure Cloud."

– Joao Couto, Vice President, SAP Business Unit at Microsoft

Modernize Operations, Reduce Costs and Become More Agile with SAP on Azure

Protera is an AI Cloud Solution Partner with specializations in SAP on Azure, Windows Server and SQL Sever Migration, Azure Virtual Desktop, Azure Networking, and DevOps on GitHub.

Customers running SAP and related applications on Microsoft Azure can take advantage of everything Microsoft has to offer with Protera CloudVantage, the intelligent migration and management platform for SAP and surrounding systems.

Improve your enterprise workloads on Microsoft Azure with services such as:

Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Database for MySQL, Azure DNS, Azure Monitor, Azure Site Recovery, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Backup, ExpressRoute, Azure Files, Global Virtual Network Peering, Azure Insight and Analytics, Azure Load Balancer, Azure Log Analytics, NAT Gateway, Premium SSD Managed Disks, RHEL for SAP Business Applications, RHEL for SAP HANA, SQL Database, SQL Managed Instance, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP, Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Virtual Machines RI, Virtual Network Peering, VPN Gateway, and Windows Server.

Protera SAP on Azure Customer Experiences

"Prior to moving to the Cloud, we had a black box service from a data center perspective. Now, with Protera, we’ve moved to Microsoft Azure cloud and have visibility into the various data center and network services that we operate."

– Michael Mullis – CIO

"I am pretty amazed at the three-way partnership between Altra, Protera, and Microsoft. Of all the technology partners that we work with, Protera is the best at listening to where we are and what we’re trying to do. They react very quickly."

– Rick Klotz – CIO

Fully Funded Advanced Azure Migration Assessment 

Whether you’re considering a migration to the cloud, looking for support optimizing your cloud environment, or hoping to innovate and discover what’s possible, Protera has a solution for you. Learn how to optimize spend, ensure compliance and mitigate risk with the cloud.

Determine your best modernization plan with Protera

Book a 1:1 session with our enterprise cloud experts to get your modernization plans underway and achieve business goals.