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SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) Services

Empowering Your IT Solutions on SAP BTP 

Modernize with SAP BTP

The SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is a unified platform encompassing application development, data and analytics, integration, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI), all fine-tuned for SAP applications in the cloud environment.

SAP BTP is a cornerstone for businesses looking to transform digitally by offering a cohesive and comprehensive platform for integrating, extending, and innovating enterprise applications. Leverage Protera's expertise in SAP BTP and SAP Integration Suite to optimize your IT operations, streamline business processes, enhance data-driven decision-making, and improve data management.

BTP offers an integrated suite of capabilities designed to accelerate and optimize the digital transformation of your business.  

Key areas where SAP Business Technology Platform services can drive your business forward include: 


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Data to Value 

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Application Development 

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Artificial Intelligence 

Protera BTP Capabilities and Credentials

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Expertise and Experience

Since the inception of SAP HANA Cloud Platform evolving into SAP Cloud Platform, and now the sophisticated SAP BTP, Protera has been at the forefront of supporting and implementing SAP technologies. Our expertise dates back to 2015, offering a deep understanding and operational excellence in leveraging SAP BTP to its full potential. 
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Seamless SaaS, PI/PO migration to Integration Suite, extensive automation, and effective handling of interactions with trading partners and governments. We specialize in facilitating a smooth transition from on-premises to cloud in hybrid landscapes and integrating third-party solutions. 
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Data to Value

Utilization of SAP Analytics Cloud, BI, SAP Datasphere, SAP Master Data Governance, SAP HANA Cloud to maximize data utility. Our focus extends to ensuring data privacy and protection while integrating sap and third-party data with analytics solutions. 
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Protera Suite of Comprehensive Services for SAP BTP

Protera manages any complexities of SAP BTP by offering tailored integration solutions and seamless management of hybrid workloads, both on-premises and in the cloud. With a deep bench of SAP specialists, Protera ensures robust data governance and compliance while addressing the unique challenges of diverse IT environments. We handle all aspects of SAP BTP, from initial setup and strategic migration to ongoing optimization and cost management, ensuring systems operate smoothly and efficiently.  

> Support Implementation & Migration: Guiding you through every step of your SAP BTP journey from initial setup to full-scale deployment 

> Integration Services: Expertise in connecting disparate systems to create a unified, efficient environment 

> Security & Compliance: Ensuring your SAP BTP setup adheres to the latest security standards and compliance mandates 


Protera Management of SAP BTP Services

Ongoing management and continuous improvement services to support the business

> Monitoring & Administration: Constant oversight to maintain optimal performance. 

> Data Protection / Business Continuity: Safeguarding your business data against potential threats and ensuring continuous operations 

> Application Lifecycle Management: Managing the end-to-end lifecycle of your applications to enhance efficiency 

> Performance Tuning: Optimizing the performance of your SAP BTP environment to ensure it runs at peak efficiency 

> Security: Advanced security measures to protect your critical infrastructure 

> Certificate Management: Handling all aspects of certificate setup, renewal, and compliance 

> Integration & Data Break-fix: Quick resolution of any integration or data issues that arise 

> ITIL Based ITSM Services: Delivering IT service management based on established ITIL guidelines 

> Cloud/Infrastructure Cost Management: Optimizing costs related to cloud services and infrastructure 

> Continuous Improvement: Regular updates and improvements to services based on cutting-edge SAP BTP developments 


Moving clean beauty makeup brand to S/4 and the cloud


Beautycounter - clean beauty product company - wanted to:​

• Streamline and modernize supply chain​
• Scale for the growth of the company​
• Reduce IT infrastructure costs
What We Did​

In six months, Protera fully implemented SAP S/4HANA on AWS and provides ongoing cloud and SAP managed services.

• 25% increase in inventory accuracy​
• 6-month project timeline​
 • Streamlined sales, operations planning, and supply planning processes

Learn more about Protera’s suite of services and expertise in SAP, RISE with SAP, and BTP: 

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Explore how Protera's expertise can drive significant value for your organization on the SAP Business Technology Platform.