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Improve Your Security Posture

Augment your Cloud with integrated next generation security services

With the cloud comes new capabilities, but also new challenges

Protera’s integrated SecOps model creates a security baseline for comprehensive governance and managed services to enable continuous security posture reporting. In addition to strengthening your enterprise with data security and application risk protection services, Protera functions as a key strategic partner by continuously assessing your security posture, managing and improving it to stay ahead of the risk curve, and communicating effectively with your stakeholders and board members.


Protera Cloud Security Benefits


AI/ML Endpoint Security and Event Management

More sophisticated, AI/ML-based threat identification and protection of your systems from external intrusions with faster and earlier response to potential threats.


Integrated Security Operations Center (SOC)

One integrated team to manage and protect your systems day to day, as well as react to security events


Security Program Visibility

A shared responsibility model enables complete visibility into security-related activity


Next Generation Cloud Standards

More granular protection with advanced security controls


Proactive Governance Model

Ongoing management of security controls or guardrails

Included Cloud Services with Protera Cloud Manage

7 data transfer white updated

Endpoint detection and response (EDR)

AI and Ml-based threat and identification and protection of your systems from external extrusions
36 recovery white updated

AI-based security information and event management (SIEM)

Earlier and faster response to potential threats through correlation of multiple monitoring and logging data sources
42 secure white updated

Integrated security operations center (SOC)

One integrated team to manage and protect your systems day today, as well as react to security events
16 warning white updated

Vulnerability Scanning

Better detection of external threats against modern, public internet-facing applications
17 locked white updated

Security Program Reporting

Complete visibility into security-related activity
12 protection white updated

Next Generation Firewalls

More granular protection with advanced security controls

Add-on Security Offerings

42 secure white updated

Advanced Phishing Protection and Triage

Continuous protection against the #1 vector for ransomware by alerting users in real time and providing 24/7 expert triage
18 internet white updated

Security Program Governance

Extends Security Program Reporting with assessment of your security program health to improve program effectiveness
16 warning white updated

Vulnerability Management

Extends Vulnerability Scanning to including internal scanning, third-party patching, and complete remediation
12 protection white updated

Advanced Web Application Firewalls (WAF)

Better protection for modern web-based applications against sophisticated attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS)
22 satellite white updated

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Extends EDR to proactively hunt for threats in your environments and network (NDR)


Protera’s Integrated SecOps Model


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