Take advantage of all the cloud has to offer

Modernize your applications, infrastructure, and operations to achieve business outcomes

Drive the greatest value from the cloud

No matter where you are on your cloud journey, Protera’s suite of cloud modernization services allow you to take advantage of the latest cloud enhancements. Drive down cost, improve security, and enable continuous innovation across the business with extended cloud adoption and managed services.

Cloud Modernization Benefits

Maximize investments
Reduce and optimize cloud spend
Operate in a secure, agile environment
Enable data-driven decisions
Unlimited scale and innovation

Protera’s Suite of Cloud Modernization Services

Data Center Transformation

Migrate and manage applications, databases, systems, platforms, and edge resources in the cloud

Cloud & Next Gen Managed Services

Transparency into cost, configuration, applications, and environments with proactive services and recommendations for continuous improvement

SAP Migration & Management

Maximize your SAP investment with Protera, the first to migrate and manage SAP on the public cloud

Data Intelligence

Drive data-driven business decisions with a low/no code single repository for structured and unstructured data in a scalable, available, secure environment

Security & Governance

Integrated security by design with guardrails and a shared service model – engrained in IT operations

What our clients say

“Prior to moving to the Cloud, we had a black box service from a data center perspective. Now, with Protera, we’ve moved to the cloud and have visibility into the various data center and network services that we operate.”
Michael Mullis
“Since 2015, our operating portfolio and our operations have grown six-fold, 600%, and we’ve only had to double our workforce to accommodate. Running SAP on cloud managed by Protera, we’ve been able to keep OpEx low, still hit our margins, and really thrive in our industry.”
Eric Zenner
VP of IT

Accelerate enterprise cloud adoption with an agile transformation roadmap

Leverage Protera’s expertise, automation, and processes to enable your teams to execute in a secure and agile way, using cloud capabilities to the fullest for continuous integration and continuous deployment.

Whether you are just starting to build your cloud strategy, transforming legacy applications, or looking to empower developers, we can help you optimize cost and drive value quickly.

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