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Protera Does More than SAP: Here’s Why You Need to Know About It

For more than 25 years, Protera has built a business rooted in best-in-class SAP management. But just as the enterprise IT landscape continues to evolve, so does Protera. Our services and solutions include comprehensive, must-have managed IT services that deliver value across the enterprise IT infrastructure, providing overarching support and holistic oversight for SAP, friends of SAP, and entire enterprise cloud environments.

Protera’s Comprehensive Cloud and IT Managed Services are designed to support modern ERP, modern cloud, and modern workspaces, with industry-leading security and governance built into everything we do.

In a time when IT teams are tasked with handling a multitude of technologies and rapid transformation initiatives—from ERP and cloud modernization, Kubernetes and modern applications, AI and data analytics, advanced cybersecurity and more—you need a global partner with a deep bench who can support it all.

That partner is Protera.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Protera migrates and manages SAP - and more. Our services span the entire IT portfolio—modern cloud, modern ERP, modern work, security and compliance, and more.

  • Protera has deep partnerships with all major cloud hyperscalers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, enabling seamless service delivery in any cloud environment.

  • Protera’s recent acquisition of Managecore has expanded its Google Cloud and RISE with SAP capabilities.

  • Industry-leading security and compliance practices are built-in to everything Protera deploys.

  • Our global presence means we offer 24x7x365 support for timely issues whenever they occur.

  • Protera is a roadmap organization that delivers services for an array of tools, platforms, and initiatives, reducing the need for you to manage multiple vendors.

Protera Comprehensive Managed IT Services: An Overview
At its core, Protera is a services and support organization. Our solutions are built to help you modernize, optimize, and transform your workloads to derive maximum value. And while our business was built on SAP management, our services extend across the entire enterprise IT portfolio to holistically support SAP, surrounding workloads, and cloud native technologies.

Protera_Wheel_Modern Cloud (1)

Modern Cloud

Modern cloud services encompass your holistic AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or hybrid environment, ensuring that everything is architected, deployed and managed for maximum scalability, elasticity, security and cost optimization. Whether you are migrating your first workloads or entire data centers, Protera's proactive modern cloud services can help you get the most from your cloud investments.

Modern Cloud services include:

● Landing zone design and management
● Platform enablement DevOps
● IaC (Infrastructure as Code) with Terraform and Ansible
● OS and system management (monitoring, backups, patching)
● Kubernetes and modern apps
● FinOps

Modern Work

We operate in a world now where hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands may now be spread across a country or around the world. Organizations must provide access and connectivity while also keeping their systems and infrastructures secure. With Protera, you can create a modern end-user experience for your workforce while enhancing productivity and securing corporate data with the right technologies.

Modern Work services include:

● AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop)
● Zero Trust / SASE
● Endpoint management
● Endpoint security and patching
● SD-WAN & network
● Firewall management
● Remote site LAN and wireless
L-1 help desk


Modern ERP

Protera was the first to migrate and run SAP ERP on the public cloud in 2012. Today, we continue to offer deep technical skill sets across the application portfolio for SAP, as well as Oracle and/or other custom applications built specifically for your business. Over the years, we’ve built engineering partnerships with AWS and Microsoft Azure to run and improve your workloads on their cloud platforms while leveraging cloud native tooling to extend IT operations.

Protera’s recent acquisition of Managecore has extended these capabilities to Google Cloud, completing a comprehensive suite of aligned ERP services for all major cloud providers.

Protera’s Modern ERP services include:

● SAP Discovery, Migration and Management expertise
RISE with SAP Migration and must have BASIS services
● SAP Data Separation / Integration
● Database Management - Oracle, SQL, Postgres
● Custom-developed application support

Security, Compliance, and Governance

Industry-leading security services and governance strategies are overlaid and ingrained into everything Protera does through our fully-managed security services. 

Protera delivers 24/7/365 security for all deployments across Modern Cloud, Modern Work, and Modern ERP services. As an organization, Protera is SOCII and ISO27001 compliant and proactively undergoes security audits on a regular basis.

Security, Compliance, and Governance services include:

● Comprehensive security services
● Full Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) capabilities
● 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC)
● Security incident response and remediation
● Security as code built into deployments
● Microsoft security services - Defender, Sentinel, and “for SAP” versions

The Protera Advantage

Building and modernizing your IT infrastructure means adopting new processes, tools, and technologies to deliver the capabilities you need. As an IT leader, you don’t have time to research, vet, and onboard a new partner for every new tool you implement.

That’s why Protera continues to evolve with the needs of our clients.  Whether you start with Protera for SAP managed services and BASIS support, cloud modernization, or modern workspace (or something else), you can then expand your partnership with us as your business grows and evolves, with our expert support team there to guide you every step of the way.

Our next-generation managed services are designed to deliver maximum transparency at every turn. We consider our team an extension of yours, leaving behind black-box methods of the past to give you complete visibility into your IT performance through our proprietary platform, CloudVantage, as well as ongoing communication and reporting from our team.

Protera’s Comprehensive Managed IT Services incorporate the valuable SAP-focused experience we’ve gained over 25 years and apply it to all modern critical enterprise workloads. The deep partnerships we’ve built with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud allow us to deliver vendor-specific solutions and seamless services.

Finally, Protera’s global presence and 24x7x365 availability means you can have peace of mind knowing our team can support timely issues whenever they occur. We look forward to serving you, it’s what we do best.

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