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AWS Well-Architected Framework Review: Cost Optimization Lens

In today’s business environment, agility and adaptability aren’t advantages—they are necessities to stay
competitive and achieve growth. Cloud computing is a cornerstone of these capabilities, and the AWS
Well-Architected Framework stands out as a critical tool for AWS clients, providing a structured approach
to cloud architecture that’s also aligned with key business objectives.

For SAP and other ERP users navigating the complexities of cloud migration and modernization, knowing
and applying the principles of the AWS Well-Architected Framework is essential. Cost optimization, one
of the main pillars of the framework, is particularly critical for maximizing the value of cloud technologies
while making smart financial decisions and staying within your planned budget.

In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at the AWS Well-Architected Framework review from an IT cost
optimization lens, including how Protera’s structured framework review service can help you streamline
your cloud architecture design to achieve greater business outcomes.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Efficient utilization of cloud resources through cost optimization is essential for sustainable cloud
    management and reducing expenses without compromising performance.
  • Protera's deep expertise in AWS and SAP is instrumental in identifying and implementing
    effective cost-saving strategies, optimizing cloud expenditure.
  • The AWS Well-Architected Framework Review by Protera includes a detailed analysis of AWS
    usage against cost optimization best practices, offering tailored recommendations.
  • Engaging with Protera for a Well-Architected Framework Review focused on cost optimization
    review leads to significant cost savings, enhanced performance, and strategic resource utilization
    for organizations.
  • Protera's review process is designed to provide clients with a clear path forward to achieve and
    maintain cost-efficient cloud operations, ensuring operational excellence and strategic growth.

The Significance of Cost Optimization in Cloud Architecture

Cloud architecture design lays the foundation for an organization's cloud operations and overarching
strategy, serving as the blueprint for deploying and managing cloud resources. It encompasses critical
considerations such as:

  • Scalability: Ensuring the architecture can scale to meet demand without unnecessary cost.
  • Security: Protecting data and applications from threats while managing costs associated with
    security measures.
  • Performance: Achieving optimal performance levels without overspending on resources.

Cloud architecture design dictates how well cloud resources can align with the organization's goals and
requirements. Cost optimization is a pivotal aspect, enabling sustainable, efficient cloud management by
ensuring resources are allocated effectively and utilized in a cost-efficient manner.

Cost optimization is also a formal pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework review, guiding
organizations in identifying and implementing strategies that can reduce unnecessary expenses without
compromising on performance or security.


Graphic displaying the six pillars of an AWS Well-Architected Framework, with an emphasis on the Cost Optimization pillar
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The cost optimization pillar encourages regular assessment of cloud spend, the adoption of scalable
services to match demand, and the exploration of pricing models that can lead to significant savings over
an extended period of time.

Organizations that overlook cost optimization strategies often encounter challenges such as spiraling
costs, underutilized resources, and inefficient operations. Without a deliberate focus on cost
management, businesses may find their cloud expenditures exceeding budgets, eroding the financial
benefits of cloud adoption.

This underscores the importance of integrating cost optimization into the cloud architecture design
process, ensuring cloud initiatives deliver on technical and operational fronts while also contributing
positively to the organization's financial health.


The AWS Well-Architected Framework Review 

Protera's AWS Well-Architected Framework Review - Cost Optimization lens is a service designed to empower organizations to refine their cloud spending for maximum performance. It’s a targeted review ensuring that AWS deployments are not just operationally efficient but also financially optimized.

  eBook The AWS Well Architected Framework Review  








Here are the key components of Protera's offering:

Objectives of the Review

  • Optimizing AWS Instances: Tailoring instance sizes and types to workload requirements to avoid
    over or under-provisioning.
  • Leveraging AWS Pricing Options: Utilizing reserved instances, savings plans, and spot instances
    to capitalize on cost-saving opportunities.
  • Reviewing DevOps and FinOps Routines: Enhancing operational practices to integrate cost
    management seamlessly into daily operations.
  • Setting Budgets and Guardrails: Implementing controls to monitor and manage cloud spend

Duration and Deliverables

The engagement is designed as a 2-5 day remote service, adaptable based on the complexity and scale of
the client's AWS environment. Deliverables include:

  • Inventory and Workload Description: A comprehensive overview of the current AWS workloads,
    focusing on those within the scope of the cost optimization review.
  • Best Practices Analysis: An in-depth analysis comparing the client's AWS usage against cost
    optimization best practices outlined in the AWS Well-Architected Framework.
  • Summary Report: A detailed report summarizing findings, highlighting areas for improvement,
    and recommending priority actions for remediation. This report also includes governance advice
    to sustain optimized operations in the AWS environment.

Protera's deep AWS expertise is crucial to identifying and implementing effective cost-saving strategies,
and our team of certified AWS architects and specialists brings a wealth of experience in navigating the
complexities of AWS pricing models, service configurations, and optimization techniques.

This expertise is instrumental in uncovering hidden cost-saving opportunities, advising on best practices
for cloud financial management, and tailoring solutions that align with each client's unique operational
needs and financial goals.

By the conclusion of the review, Protera presents these deliverables along with actionable guidance and
recommendations on both security remediations and optimization priorities. This structured approach
ensures that clients not only understand their current state but also have a clear path forward to achieve
and maintain cost-efficient cloud operations.

Optimize Your Cloud Costs Today—Start A Well-Architected Framework Review with Protera

The AWS Well-Architected Framework Review with a Cost Optimization lens is an indispensable process
for enterprises looking to achieve maximum cloud efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Engaging with Protera
for this specialized service brings forth a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Significant Cost Savings: By identifying inefficiencies and optimizing resource allocation, Protera
    helps reduce unnecessary cloud spend, saving organizations substantial amounts annually.
  • Enhanced Performance: Protera's expertise ensures that your cloud environment is not just
    cost-efficient but also optimized for peak performance, aligning with your operational needs.
  • Strategic Resource Utilization: With Protera's guidance, resources are strategically deployed,
    ensuring that every dollar spent contributes directly to achieving business objectives.
  • Customized Optimization Strategies: Protera's deep understanding of AWS and SAP
    environments allows for tailored recommendations that fit your unique business context,
    offering more value than generic solutions.

This engagement with Protera is not just an investment in cost reduction—it’s a commitment to operational excellence and strategic growth. Take action now to harness the full potential of your cloud environment with Protera's AWS Well-Architected Framework Review.


Schedule time to talk to a Protera expert today and learn how we can help your company transform.