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The Future of IT in Oil and Gas- Transforming Tidewater on Land and at Sea with Cloud


Since 2015, Tidewater Marine has been focused on transforming their business through innovative cloud-based technologies to improve operations, manage scale and cost and continue business growth.

Listen in to hear from Lee Johnson, CIO of Tidewater as he discusses how their IT modernization began with a cloud first strategy in 2015, and evolved into an agile development methodology that has transformed the business globally - both on land and at sea.

• Learn how Tidewater radically changed the company running SAP on the cloud and virtually automating processes, including:
• Digital integrations and process automation to optimize and create efficiencies across functional areas;
• Focusing on cyber security and a zero-infrastructure model, and virtually automating processes with technologies including mobility apps, cloud DR, non-SQL databases, serverless architectures, RPA and chatbots, daily clones, and other cloud technologies.

Tidewater’s results? Newfound savings of over $500,000 annually, a paperless back office, and a shift of investment to innovation.


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