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RISE with SAP Webcast Q&A: Audience Questions Answered

Protera Q & A

The recent webcast, “Best Practices and New Considerations for RISE with SAP” yielded an insightful Q&A session with a variety of questions from attendees. Here, we summarize the valuable insights from Protera panelists Frank Powell, President and Partner, and Jatin Oza, Vice President of Application Transformation, for businesses navigating the enterprise technology landscape of RISE with SAP. 


Watch the full webcast here


Q. How are backups managed in RISE with SAP?

Frank Powell highlighted that backups in RISE with SAP follow standard protocols similar to other environments. SAP, under the RISE with SAP contract, assumes responsibility, with predefined schedules for full backups, incremental, and transaction logs. Powell emphasized the importance of discussing unique requirements with SAP to tailor solutions for backup and disaster recovery needs.


Q. When is the right time to evaluate RISE for our organization?

Timing is critical, as Powell emphasized, especially with the looming 2027 deadline. Organizations are advised to evaluate RISE with SAP sooner than later, as staying updated on the latest developments and migration practices is imperative. Jatin Oza added insights on current incentives and discounts, urging organizations to seize these opportunities promptly. 


Q. I have a cloud provider in mind. What is your suggested next step?

While having a preferred cloud provider is advantageous, Oza recommended engaging SAP as the starting point. SAP's expertise in crafting business cases and aligning with organizational requirements is invaluable, as well as aligning requirements with licensing for S/4HANA with SAP's assistance early on. 


Q. Currently for HANA database, SAP charges licenses for production in RISE with SAP. Will this be the same?

Powell clarified that licensing under RISE with SAP is integrated within the contract, focusing on streamlined management rather than cost reduction. Discussions with SAP are essential for understanding licensing intricacies, especially concerning sandbox and test system deployments. 


Q. What criteria do you suggest for selecting a hyper-scaler?

Oza emphasized aligning with the organization's adoption model and future trajectory when selecting a hyper-scaler. Considerations include existing engagement models, specific requirements, and enterprise workload deployment preferences. Powell highlighted SAP's role in managing cloud interactions within RISE, while external factors such as integration needs, and existing relationships may influence hyper-scaler selection.  


For more details on the best practices and new considerations for selecting and deploying RISE with SAP, view the full webcast here. The RISE with SAP journey necessitates thorough consideration of technical, contractual, and strategic aspects, and engaging with SAP early to leverage their expertise is pivotal for successful navigation. With proactive evaluation and strategic partnerships, organizations can harness the full potential of RISE with SAP to drive innovation and growth in the digital era. 


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