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SAP Extends ECC Support Through 2027


SAP recently announced that Business Suite 7 standard support services will be extended through 2027. Like most professionals tasked with managing SAP, you may be wondering what this announcement means for you.

Here’s a breakdown of what happened and some options for moving forward.

What Happened?

SAP announced the following changes to their support policy regarding Business Suite 7:

  • SAP Announced that Business Suite 7 will be supported through December 31, 2027
  • Customers who do not upgrade to SAP S/4HANA by 2027, may purchase extended BS7 maintenance services from 2028-2030 - priced at a 2% premium over the standard maintenance price
  • Those that do not purchase extended maintenance after 2027 will, as stated by SAP, “automatically be transferred to the customer-specific maintenance model.”

SAP has additionally announced changes to its support policy for S/4HANA. SAP has officially committed to providing maintenance support for S/4HANA through the end of 2040.

What Does This Announcement Mean For You?

This announcement further underscores the dynamic nature of SAP’s policy with respect to support for Business Suite 7, HANA and S/4HANA.  Smart organizations will position themselves to have the most flexibility in this changing environment, rather than basing their technology investments on SAP’s uncertain plans.

Independent research confirms that most organizations are moving rapidly to take advantage of cloud technologies. In the recent ASUG Pulse of the SAP Customer 2020, 82% of respondents choose cloud as the delivery vector to run SAP. This shift is accelerating, regardless of SAP’s support policies.

Moving to the cloud first will provide immediate benefits today and ease your upgrade when the time is right.

Whether you are going to move ‘as-is’ or are investigating the move to HANA or S/4HANA, begin your transformation by understanding the technical, functional, and business process implications with a transformation assessment.

Engaging with a SAP certified partner who has the cloud expertise to help you understand your situation and can bring modern tools, such as the Protera CloudVantage Discover Assessment, will position you for success – well ahead of 2027.


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