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Technical Migration Assessment for SAP on AWS


Cloud migration is a big undertaking for any business, and one being taken on at a more rapid rate. But despite the mass corporate move to the cloud, many migrations fail to hit their targets from both a timeline and financial outlook.

McKinsey surveyed 450 CIOs and found that 75% of cloud migrations go over budget and 38% run behind schedule.

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Likely due to poor planning and preparation. Performing a SAP technical assessment is one of the essential steps a company should take before they migrate to the cloud. It’s a step that must be thorough, and one that’s often best executed with an expert service provider.

Unfortunately, due to lack of resources and knowledge about its criticality (and how to execute it well), the pre-migration technical assessment is a step that’s often glossed over.

What most organizations don’t understand is that the assessment can be just as transformative as the actual migration — a chance to optimize systems, identify opportunities for cost and footprint reductions, eliminate old and redundant assets, and ready your infrastructure to support future business goals.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through what goes into a quality technical assessment for migrating SAP on AWS — one of the business world’s top cloud hyperscalers — plus how Protera can help you do it with confidence.

Quick Takeaways

  • SAP technical migration assessments are necessary to manage the large and complex IT infrastructures most enterprises now maintain.
  • Performing a technical assessment prior to migration both minimizes risk and helps maximize ROI in the form of cost savings and business value.
  • Protera offers end-to-end SAP Technical Migration Assessment services that include key deliverables such as: a current state analysis, risk and benefits assessment, cost estimates, execution roadmap and frameworks, and post-migration recommendations.

Why do you need a technical migration assessment for SAP on AWS?

IT infrastructures are large and complex to manage. This is true more than ever now that most companies operate a combination of legacy systems and newer tools and software.

Plus, according to Statista, the average number of SaaS tools used by companies worldwide grew by a staggering 10X between 2015 and 2021 (and is still on the rise). This is not to mention the huge amounts of data organizations now produce and maintain on a daily basis.

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Before executing any type of digital transformation — including a cloud migration or change to a cloud environment — companies need a way to get a handle on it all.

A SAP technical migration assessment provides a complete overview of your infrastructure — one that allows you to see it from a high-level, holistic perspective and also drill down to specific areas that need attention.

It helps you build a current state architecture map, whether your current systems reside on premise or on the cloud, so that you can analyze your workloads and understand the full scope of your application landscape.

Collectively, this enables the informed, intentional, and responsible development of a migration roadmap that can guide you through a successful move to the cloud. Using your roadmap, you can make important decisions about migration method, timelines, priorities, and responsibilities across your IT team (and any third-party service provider you’re working with).

Protera’s SAP Technical Migration Assessment for companies planning to run SAP on AWS is a professional service that helps companies build their migration roadmap, identify dependencies, set objectives and KPIs, and outline expected outcomes.

In the next section, we’ll look at what’s included in this service and how Protera can help you achieve your AWS migration goals.

What does Protera’s SAP technical migration assessment include?

Review Your Current State

First, Protera’s SAP on AWS Solutions Team will walk you through a complete overview of your current state infrastructure. Together, your team and ours will review and analyze your current SAP systems and enterprise application landscapes.

Development and Review of SAP Migration Roadmap

Next, we’ll work with you to develop a clear roadmap to get you from your current state to target state on AWS. Your roadmap will be visible to you on Protera’s platform, where you can see your migration plan and progress in real-time.

Analysis of Risks and Benefits for SAP on AWS

To help you maximize value as you uniquely envision it, we’ll walk you through a complete risk and benefits analysis, helping you to choose the path to SAP on AWS that will deliver the highest possible ROI.

Recommended AWS Architecture and Migration Cost Estimate

After thorough and collaborative preparation and assessment, the Protera team will make recommendations about the best AWS architecture option for your goals and business needs, as well as a complete cost estimate for migration execution.

Post-Migration Cost Model Recommendations

Migration is only the first step toward full cloud modernization and transformation, and Protera’s vision for your company extends beyond your initial migration journey. We’ll help you see far into your future with SAP on AWS by recommending cost and operating models that will deliver value for years to come.

The Protera Difference

SAP systems are so comprehensive that they require a significant range of expertise — one that’s often difficult to maintain on in-house IT teams. Protera is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with SAP Competency, and our Technical Solutions Team has the deep SAP expertise you want in your migration partner.



To learn more about how Protera can help you transform your SAP systems on AWS, schedule a time to talk to our team.