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Modernize Operations, Reduce Costs and Improve Agility

A History of Innovation with AWS

1st to migrate SAP to AWS

From the very first SAP instance on AWS, AWS Advanced tier consulting partner Protera has been helping organizations achieve their SAP transformation objectives with improved value, increased quality, and reduced risk. Customers running SAP related applications on AWS can take advantage of everything AWS has to offer with Protera CloudVantage, the intelligent migration and management platform for SAP and surrounding systems.

Protera has a deep and longstanding relationship with AWS. Protera was the first company to manage a production SAP environment on AWS and helped author the original technical standards for running SAP on AWS. Protera is a certified, accredited AWS partner in several areas, and holds an Advanced Consulting Partner in the SAP Competency certification.

Improve your SAP and related workloads on AWS operations with services such as:

Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, AWS snapshots, Amazon Machine Images (AMI), AWS Direct Connect, AWS Transit Gateway; Amazon RDS, AWS Snowball, Amazon SNS, Amazon CloudWatch, Multi-AZ; multi-region deployments, CloudEndure, AWS CloudFormation, AWS CloudFront, and related third party technologies including Terraform and Ansible.

Shorten Your Migration, Reduce Project Risk, and Run SAP More Efficiently on AWS

Download this solution brief to learn how to quickly migrate and reliably run SAP and related applications on AWS.


The Protera SAP on AWS Client Experience

"I needed a partner that was watching the backend and a reliable cloud that was SAP certified. You can’t just put SAP on any cloud."

– Bob Sobel – Director of IT Infrastructure

"Running SAP on AWS, managed by Protera, we’ve been able to keep OpEx low, still hit our margins, and really thrive in the commercial solar industry."

– Erik Zenner – Vice President

"Our project team had nine months to deliver a $45M cost savings. We needed to create a secure SAP platform that provided business functionality, enterprise efficiencies, and needed to support future acquisitions. Tidewater achieved $65 million in costs savings- exceeding the merger target by $20M."

– Lee Johnson – CIO

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