Fitch Ratings Case Study: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications

Fitch Ratings saves big with SUSE on AWS.

Client Profile

Fitch Ratings is a global provider of credit ratings, commentary and research. Dedicated to providing value beyond the rating through independent and prospective credit opinions, Fitch Ratings offers global perspectives shaped by strong local market experience and credit market expertise. The additional context, perspective and insights Fitch provides has helped investors fund a century of growth and make important credit judgments with confidence.

As a global credit rating agency, Fitch gauges the ability of entities and instruments to meet their credit obligations. Investors and financial market participants rely on multiple sources, and the credit rating—indicating how an issue or transaction is likely to perform over time—is one of their key inputs. In this way, Fitch helps investors map potential credit risks.

Drawing on the insights of over a thousand analysts, Fitch brings diverse viewpoints together to render objective and forward-looking assessments. What goes into and stands behind that analysis is a world of capability and expertise that spans the world’s fixed-income markets.

Client Challenges

Fitch Ratings decided to move from a capital intensive, traditional on-premises-based data center environment to a cloud-first strategy. This strategy will enable Fitch to improve agility for spinning up instances while reducing hardware costs and capital expense.

Fitch was planning on migrating all its SAP ECC, BW and EPM10 applications to the AWS cloud. As a risk-averse organization, Fitch wanted to do a full proof-of-concept in the AWS environment to ensure there would be no surprises when migrating production. While planning the move, Ranjit Prithviraj, who is responsible for Fitch’s global ERP environment, made sure to consult with Protera Technologies, a trusted partner and a service provider that offers technical implementation services for SAP and third-party products.

Full Case Study

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