Is Your System Properly Connected to SAP Support Backbone?

Patrick Osterhaus

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On January 8, 2020, the SAP Support Backbone—the infrastructure maintained by SAP to provide technical assistance to its customers—underwent an important update. This action required users of the Support Backbone to upgrade two SAP products:

  • Focused Run – Users were asked to upgrade to 2.0
  • SAP Solution Manager – Users were asked to upgrade to 7.2 SPS07 (or higher, in some cases)

In conjunction with this update, the legacy infrastructure of the Support Backbone was permanently shut down. Consequently, organizations that have not completed the mandated upgrades will be unable to access support functions associated with Focused Run and SAP Solution Manager.

If your company depends on SAP Support Backbone, you may be wondering if your system is fully compliant with the updated infrastructure. It’s certainly best to figure that out as soon as reasonably possible, before an emergency develops. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to check your system’s connectivity.

Testing Your Systems

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There are a few simple ways to find out whether your system is properly connected to the SAP Support Backbone.

  • Test #1 – Open One Support Launchpad (available at this link), go to “My Landscape,” and look for the tile called “Managing Landscape.” This will lead you to information about your SAP Solution Manager and its connectivity to the Support Backbone.
  • Test #2 – Go to EarlyWatch Alert Workspace (available at this link) and select the “Backbone Connectivity” Here you can find information about your connectivity (or lack of) and what needs to be done to remediate any issues, if there are any.

Both of the web links above require SAP Support Portal credentials. Additional information can be found at SAP’s website, under “Connectivity to SAP’s Support Backbone.”

Keep your SAP Systems Running Optimally

The Support Backbone upgrade and the shutdown of the old infrastructure have caused connectivity problems for a significant number of organizations. The good news is that help is available—Protera Technologies AppCare Managed Services take care of your mission-critical functions. Protera can manage your company’s SAP maintenance tasks, allowing your organization to devote valuable resources to other business concerns. To learn more, please contact us by filling out the form provided in the space below.

Schedule your Protera FlexBridge Discover Assessment today – and be armed with the timeline and cost of various SAP transformation options on Azure or AWS.

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