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As President and Chief Technology Officer for Protera, Patrick Osterhaus is responsible for driving the company’s technology vision for innovative enterprise computing systems delivered to our valued customers. Prior to founding Protera, Patrick worked as a Senior Technical Consultant at SAP America. As a strategic SAP thought leader, Patrick has co-authored executive white papers, industry articles on various SAP topics including Cloud Computing, and is a sought-after presenter in the SAP ecosystem.

Customer Question of the Month: What Are My Options Moving SAP to the Cloud?

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Moving SAP to the cloud is not a single option, but a continuum. Customers can choose anything from a quick, as-is migration to cut hosting costs, to a full upgrade to SAP S/4HANA. Here’s a quick guide to your options for SAP cloud migration. Primary  Options for Migrating SAP to Cloud There are three primary 

How SAP Transformation Navigator Affects Your Upgrade

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SAP Transformation Navigator (TN) is a useful tool to help customers undergoing SAP upgrades and migrations. Released at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW 2017, Transformation Navigator was built in response to SAP customer requests for more guidance during the transformation process. The tool not only provides an intuitive way to create a product map and prepare

SAP HANA Migration: 3 Steps to a Successful Transition

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In infrastructure upgrades, the goals often shape the process. For example, if you’re repainting a building and your goal is to get it done as quickly as possible within budget, the process reflects that. You don’t spend a lot of time comparison shopping, or investigating different types of paint — you find a painting crew

How to Save 50% on Your SAP HANA Migration

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Let’s face it: no one gets excited about migrating. However, much vendors tout the considerable benefits of SAP HANA, migration is still a costly and potentially disruptive (albeit necessary) process that takes resources away from your core business activities. But anything worth doing is worth doing well — mainly when your whole business depends on

ASAP Methodology vs. SAP Activate: Understanding the Differences

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SAP Activate is a complete methodology, more comprehensive than any system SAP has built before. SAP customers have a vast range of landscapes, with an almost unlimited array of tech stacks, configurations and destinations. SAP has managed to create a system to upgrade, migrate or transform nearly any conceivable SAP landscape, enabling companies to

The Role of SAP Migration Cockpit in S/4HANA Transformation

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The SAP Migration Cockpit is what it sounds like: a central control repository used to execute SAP HANA upgrades and migrations from legacy solutions. The cockpit works with both SAP and non-SAP legacy solutions, moving your data to HANA or S/4HANA. The S/4HANA Migration Cockpit is a key tool in the data migration process —

SAP HANA 2025 Deadline: Assessing Your Progress

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We’re still years away from the SAP HANA 2025 deadline, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be working on it. Upgrading to S/4HANA is an involved, complicated process, requiring significant transformation beyond simply updating your software. Here’s how to evaluate your progress so far — and how to plan your journey to S/4HANA 2025. Why

Greenlight Your SAP Migration Project Into The Public Cloud

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Automation decreases the risk and costs of SAP migration, while accelerating the timetable. If you’ve been having difficulty going forward with your SAP cloud migration project, here’s how automation might be the missing ingredient. SAP Self-Service Assessment Lets You Plan Before Investing The SAP assessment has often been a stumbling block for starting SAP

An Executive Guide to SAP HANA 2.0

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There’s a lot of uncertainty among customers about HANA 2.0. A recent survey found that nearly two thirds of SAP customers have not yet performed an SAP HANA migration, and nearly one in five haven’t even made plans to migrate. Many others have only completed their migration in the last year or two, and

ERP Data Migration Best Practices

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Although moving ERP to the cloud poses important platform and software-specific considerations, the basics of a sound cloud migration remain consistent, regardless of your vendor or host. Here are 5 ERP data migration best practices every company should follow. 1. Set Right-Sized Migration Goals The IT industry often makes enterprises feel left behind. While market