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Director, Application Managed Services
Director, Application Managed Services

Cloud in an SAP World – Be Prepared to Change Your Mindset

By |2022-08-23T06:50:14-05:00August 23, 2022|Categories: Cloud Migrations|

Understanding how to get the best out of Cloud computing in an SAP environment requires a change from the traditional CIO mindset Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to talk with many different CIOs about the technical aspects of adopting cloud as one component of their SAP landscape. If you are

SAP Consulting Services: A Strategic Partnership

By |2022-08-08T02:45:34-05:00August 2, 2022|Categories: Business, Cloud Migrations, IT Services, Managed Applications Help, Technical|

Digital transformation has accelerated since 2020 by a pandemic that has demanded new levels of agility and resilience in order for businesses to remain successful. Remote work seems to be here to stay, and newly decentralized systems require sophisticated IT management that many companies aren’t accustomed to maintaining. Enter SAP consulting services. By partnering

Your Guide to Executing an SAP Upgrade

By |2022-07-18T11:04:54-05:00July 5, 2022|Categories: IT Services, Technical|

Periodic SAP upgrades ensure you continually achieve the highest possible ROI from your SAP investment. Upgrades are conducted to update technical capabilities, improve functionality, and enhance the overall strategy for leveraging SAP products and services to succeed. Over time, SAP upgrades make your organization more innovative, agile, and responsive to changing business environments and

Your Guide to Successful SAP S/4HANA Migration

By |2022-08-23T02:54:31-05:00June 21, 2022|Categories: Business, Cloud Migrations, S/4HANA, SAP HANA|

A perfect storm of events over the past several years has led to the steady growth in enterprises evaluating SAP S/4HANA.Digital transformation has increasingly become a competitive imperative across business sectors. A global pandemic and geopolitical volatility have shown just how critical organizational agility and resilience are.At the same time, SAP’s announcement that they would

Achieving success with RISE with SAP in a multi-dimensional landscape

By |2022-07-19T01:36:06-05:00April 1, 2022|Categories: SAP HANA|

SAP has deemed RISE with SAP as a solution that removes the complexity of modernizing with cloud, helping companies with a simplified engagement and guided journey through business transformation. For many SAP customers still running their SAP systems on-premise, RISE with SAP may present an opportunity to take advantage of the cloud transformation with

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