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With more than 20 years of experience in the SAP ecosystem on an international scale, Carl LaFoe is the Global VP of Hosting and Application Services and executive leader for the Protera organization. Carl’s leadership roles expand from Protera’s solution architect team through ongoing delivery support to our SAP-centric customers. In addition, Carl is responsible for spearheading Protera’s global business expansion on multiple continents including North/South America, Latin America, Asia and Europe. Carl’s business acumen for SAP solutions paired with his extensive cloud hosting knowledge allows his teams to build and maintain high performing SAP environments for our valued customers.

Key Considerations for Selecting Your Technical SAP® Partner

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Most SAP managed services and hosting providers (including us) tout their certifications and partnerships with SAP and other vendors, but SAP tenants don’t always know exactly what all of those things mean. Should you care that a technical vendor like Protera is a Global SAP partner with five SAP certifications if all you need