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With over 25 years of experience in SAP ecosystem, Binoy James is the Vice President of Application Delivery at Protera Technologies. In his current role, Binoy manages a global team that provides SAP managed and professional services for the over 100 SAP customers for Protera. Binoy comes to us from CenturyLink where he was the Product Owner for the SAP Portfolio, and prior to that was involved in Delivery leadership at both CIBER and SAP.

4 Benefits of SAP Basis Managed Services

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Your entire SAP landscape depends on the effectiveness of your SAP Basis team, but many companies struggle with internal SAP Basis administration. Here are four key ways SAP Basis managed services can help. Advantages of SAP Basis Managed Services 1. Better Stability System administration and management is one of the most critical aspect to

You’ve Purchased an SAP HANA License — Now What?

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Although many businesses have taken the first step of acquiring an SAP HANA license, very few have completed the migration to SAP HANA so far. Out of approximately 7,900 SAP S/4HANA licenses sold, only about 1,500 have been used. With the 2025 deadline looming, by when all SAP customers need to move off traditional

BW on HANA vs. BW4/HANA: What’s the Difference?

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SAP BW on HANA and BW4/HANA are different application suites running on the same database. SAP BW on HANA uses SAP’s legacy BW software, but moves it to the HANA database. BW/4HANA uses a reengineered software suite designed to fully harness the power of the HANA database. SAP BW on HANA provides dramatic ROI

SAP ECC vs. S/4HANA vs. Suite: Understanding Your Destination

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As an SAP managed services leader, we see a lot of confusion around SAP’s core offerings. SAP’s complex and rapidly evolving product portfolio combine with inconsistent naming conventions to create a landscape that’s hard for non-technical stakeholders to navigate. Here’s what you need to know about SAP ECC, HANA, S/4HANA and Business Suite. What

Planning an SAP S/4HANA Future: Separating Reality From Hype

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SAP customers and vendors see the future of SAP S/4HANA with vastly different viewpoints. To vendors, S/4HANA is a powerful ERP for innovation, offering customers access to an intelligent enterprise and getting them closer to the reality of a real-time ERP. Developers and System Integrators (SIs) are excited about the cutting-edge features SAP S/4HANA

SAP S/4HANA: An Executive Guide

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For an SAP evangelist, SAP S/4HANA and SAP HANA release announcements are reasons to break out the champagne and celebrate. Yet, they often fail to communicate exactly what those advances mean in terms that matter to executives. SAP isn’t your product — it’s your infrastructure. Just hearing that there was an update isn’t enough.

SAP Application Management Innovations at SAPPHIRE NOW

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Protera Technologies will be one of the many SAP global partners that will attend the annual SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Conference, one of the largest global SAP events of the year. The conference will be held in Orlando, Florida on June 5th through the 7th. The SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG event offers a place