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Aleksey Krutikov is the SAP migrations lead for Protera Technologies. In this role he serves as the head platform engineer for Protera’s unique SAP Transformation Success Platform Protera FlexBridge where he leads daily development and continuous bleeding - edge innovations of the platform. Working within the SAP ecosystem since the mid-90’s Aleksey holds numerous SAP certifications including SAP Migration, SAP HANA and NetWeaver Technical. A noteworthy accomplishment is he was also of part of the team that certified the very first SAP IAAS Public Cloud platform.

Customer Question of the Month: Custom Code and Fiori

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If you’ve been on SAP for more than a few years, custom code can be a significant challenge to your digital transformation. It’s easy to forget how much has changed since you first got on SAP. In nearly 50 years, the company has gone from providing niche mainframe applications, to a cutting edge cloud-enabled ERP