Protera to offer free SAP Business continuity resources to organizations affected by hurricane Sandy

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The services delivery team of Protera – a leader in IT outsourcing and hosting services and certified SAP partner – made the announcement today that they will offer free hosting and application management services to organizations running SAP and affected by hurricane Sandy. The Protera team will work at capacity around the clock to restore SAP backup copies on AWS (Amazon Web Services) for organizations knocked off line by the hurricane and will guarantee standard service level agreement metrics and support services until organizations get their IT systems back to normal. “in these difficult times for so many families and organizations located in the path of Sandy our team wants to help with the restoration effort the best we can, we are willing to make expertise and AWS resources available to get organizations running SAP back online with no delay” said Carl LaFoe – Global VP Hosting and Application Services of Protera.

Organizations running SAP can contact Protera at for immediate support and restoration of service. The services are free in the limit of Protera’s services delivery team capacity and the Service Level Agreement is limited to the period required by each organization to resume their normal mode of operation.

“Business first for the USA is our only objective, our team is fully dedicated to assisting organizations affected by the hurricane to get back to normal as quickly as possible with as little damage as possible” continued Carl LaFoe.

Organizations interested in this free SAP business continuity services can contact Protera at and type “Sandy recovery – SAP DR on AWS” in the comment box.

The entire Protera team is supportive of the “Sandy recovery – SAP DR on AWS” effort and within the limits of their resources will provide assistance to any organization running SAP and affected by hurricane Sandy. “Feel free to contact us, with this initiative we only have one objective; to get you back in business with no delay”, concluded Carl LaFoe.

For more information contact Protera at www.protera:8888/contact-us and type “Sandy recovery – SAP DR on AWS” in the comment box.

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