GulfMark Offshore Case Study: SAP Workload Migration to AWS Cloud

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GulfMark Offshore Case Study: SAP Workload Migration to AWS Cloud

Lee Johnson, Senior Vice President and CIO

“Over the course of this IT transformation project. Protera has become our Global IT Outsourcing partner, and their Protera AppCare Platform has allowed us to reduce our SAP operations and IT costs by 50%, and significantly improve customer service while full maintaining our flexibility to support business growth as a soon as market conditions change.”

Gulfmark Offshore Inc. a global energy services company

Gulfmark uses SAP applications for managing:

  • global finance
  • forecasting
  • HR
  • crewing
  • sales
  • operations and
  • supply chain functions


Gulfmark cut their SAP hosting and operating costs by 50%, saving $25,000.00 a month, while maintaining the flexibility to add services on-demand by moving their SAP workloads to Protera’s AppCare Platform on AWS.


Protera AppCare is a robust cloud management platform that integrates its expertise of its:

  • people
  • best practices
  • best in class Technologies
  • processes and
  • automation tools

Protera is assisting Gulfmark in strategies to reduce global infrastructure costs and explore AWS solutions to accelerate app technologies focused on enterprise efficiency.

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