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Our senior consultants’ mission is to be your trusted advisor

Consulting Services

Protera Technologies has developed a suite of state of the art utility based SAP Hosting, On-Demand cloud services, remote application management and consulting services that enable constant change while improving quality and reducing total cost of ownership. We understand. That is why we’re the CIO’s trusted advisor.

Protera’s technical consulting services extend beyond standard implementation.

SAP Technical Consulting Services:

  • Installations of SAP Products

We are certified installers of SAP products. We do it right the first time.

  • Upgrade Planning, Testing, & Execution

We’ve performed dozens of production upgrades for APO, BW, R/3, & Enterprise. Recently we upgraded a production HR system which handles payroll for thousands of employees.

  • Disaster Recovery

We will help to ensure your company is ready for the worst case scenario – your data center needs to be recreated at a remote location – by planning and performing necessary testing.

  • Archiving

Save on storage costs and improve system performance by getting data out of your system. We’ve initiated archiving plans and implemented them. Setting up your system to prune data is a great strategy.

  • Change Management

We are experts in SAP Change Management. Find out why the market leading change management tool company relies upon our expertise to lead their North American implementations. If you cannot prevent and protect critical objects like number ranges from being transported by unwitting project numbers, which will surely crash your system, you need to Contact us!

  • Performance Analysis and Tuning

We use built-in system tools to monitor your SAP systems to fix problems as they occur.

  • Competency in Databases & Operating Systems

We can troubleshoot problems outside of SAP which affect your system performance. With Protera you get expertise in all areas needed to run a world class SAP system.

  • Backup and Recovery

If we’d have to pick one process where risk needs to be mitigated it’s the system backup and restore. We’ve setup backup systems at many customers. They enjoy the benefit of a comprehensive and reliable backup strategy which makes the most strict system auditors giddy.

  • Client and System Strategy

The precursor to a good change management process. We’ll ensure project members create development and configuration where it should be in one or two clients in dev and never in quality or production.

  • Capacity Planning

We can take a look at your system to see if the current and planned usage will be sufficient for your processing requirements. Add experience with using leading edge stress testing tools and you can rest assured your system will run like a top!

  • IT Technical Audit

We can advise on best practices for running and managing worldwide state of the art enterprise applications. We can be the right hand of a CIO of an organization.

  • Technical Documentation

Worried your technical aces are going to win the lottery and take the wisdom with them? You need to call your friend – Protera – to help you get the processes and technology which runs your IT organization on paper! We love to document and we are good at it. Not only is it great backup but it’s excellent for training and support! Where other techies balk at documentation, we thrive. Contact us and we’ll prove it. Recently we’ve finished a 70+ page doc on setting up a world-class fax architecture for an SAP system and a 50+ page doc on configuring SAP Exchange Connector.

We are here to help.

Please reach out if you have questions.