Start Your SAP+ Transformation on Microsoft Azure or AWS

With over 20 years of SAP+ experience, our experts can help you with every step of your transformation journey

Plan your move to SAP+ on Microsoft Azure or AWS

We can help you through the critical decision-making process as you decide:

  • What is the best path for my transformation – whether to a hyperscale cloud like Microsoft Azure or AWS, to SAP S/4HANA, or potentially both?
  • How long will a migration to SAP+ on Microsoft Azure or AWS take, what are the risks, and how can I accelerate the process?
  • What is the best way to take advantage of the latest cloud services, while still achieving the costs savings that I need?
  • What will my environment look like after I have made the change to SAP+ on Microsoft Azure or AWS? What skills will I need? How large will my team need to be?

Make your move to SAP+ on Microsoft Azure or AWS

As experts in SAP+ migrations, we can work with you to achieve the benefits of SAP+ on cloud as quickly as possible:

  • Recommended approach, cloud architecture, cost, and timeline
  • Options for architectural landscape to balance cost, timeline, risk, or critical business deadlines
  • Strategies for managing the move to Microsoft Azure or AWS, while considering SAP S/4HANA
  • Non-SAP systems

Manage your SAP+ on Microsoft Azure or AWS

We can help you understand how to optimize your SAP+ related applications on cloud:

  • Metrics, operational performance reviews, and planning
  • Cloud capacity, change control, and spend management
  • Performance management
  • Monitoring, event correlation, and root cause analysis
  • Managing software and operations (SAP+, traditional, SaaS), databases, and Microsoft Azure or AWS cloud services – upgrades, patches, and maintenance
  • Security
  • Data protection and management strategies including backup, archiving, managed resiliency, HA, and DR

Become an agile SAP+ on Microsoft Azure or AWS organization

We can show you how your SAP+ on cloud operations can support your agile strategy:

  • How to track key operating metrics for SAP+ related applications, including availability, performance, capacity, SLAs, and ticket management
  • How to manage your cloud costs by landscape, server, application, or project
  • How to view status, details and updates on your SAP+ and non-SAP systems
  • How to support your project by automating provisioning, system patching, and start/stop cloud resources
  • Setting up health and security checks to improve security and availability
  • Analytics for events to minimize false alerts and proactively escalate incidents

Let Us Help Get You Started.

Case Studies

Greenskies increases operations 6X with SAP S/4HANA on AWS

Greenskies chose Protera to migrate and manage their SAP S/4HANA on AWS, driving analytics-based business decisions and digital transformation.

Ingevity offloads datacenter and undergoes a digital transformation

Ingevity partnered with Protera to migrate and run their SAP plus related applications to Azure and support operations during their SAP S/4HANA upgrade.