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SAP As-Is to Azure Migration Plan in Minutes2020-06-08T06:21:17-05:00

Project Description

SAP As-Is to Azure Migration Plan in Minutes

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Watch as We Auto-Solution an ‘As-Is’ SAP Migration Plan to Azure

In this 20-minute virtual session, see what your SAP system could look like if you moved ‘As-Is’ to Azure.

Watch as we create a plan to transform a typical SAP ERP system to Azure in minutes. You’ll learn new techniques that will save you hundreds of hours in your SAP transformation planning.

Watch the webinar to learn:
– the cost for moving your SAP as-is to Azure
– what target architecture will look like for your SAP systems on Azure
– how to simplify the business planning process for moving your SAP to the cloud
– how to save hundreds of hours in planning, and performing, your SAP transformation

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