Why Protera?

Reduce costs, improve service quality, and increase agility with Protera

Our 20+ years of experience, globally certified specialists, and proprietary predictive analytics and automations combine to deliver a better service experience for you.

Protect your core business processes

Your core business processes run on your most critical enterprise data within SAP and related applications. With certifications from SAP, AWS, and Microsoft, and a long history of customer satisfaction, we safeguard your systems as you shift and run your SAP operations on cloud.

Modernize and simplify at scale

Our systems and processes are designed to manage large cloud landscapes, combining SAP and non-SAP applications consistently and efficiently.

Reduce costs up to 50%

Protera has the experience, tools, and process to design efficient architectures, continually monitor your system needs, and adjust your landscape to save you up to 50% versus what you are spending today.

Accelerate your S/4HANA strategy

Whether you are considering the move to S/4HANA, making the journey to cloud as a first step, or already running SAP S/4HANA, we can help you focus on your business transformation and change management, instead of cloud technology.

Improve Your Security and Reliability

Protera brings service provider scale to security, with proven policies, technologies and techniques that have protected customers for over 20 years.

Faster Response to Your Business Changes

Our 24x7x365 team responds in real time to your service requests. And with Protera Arion, you can take advantage of powerful self-service automations that can simplify and streamline daily tasks—like starting, stopping and patching servers or refreshing environments—to keep your modern SAP+ operations running smoothly.

Leverage Predictive Insights in Real Time

Protera’s self-service analytics tools empower SAP+ enterprise customers to monitor their cloud ecosystem down to the SAP application level, and to easily understand and attribute costs and performance to business objectives. This level of deep dive, real-time insight is uniquely available with Protera Arion.

Choose Continuous Innovation

Our teams are regularly trained on the newest cloud technologies. We will work with you on incorporating the latest advances into your cloud architecture during your migration as well as ongoing, as part of our continuous managed service.

Migrate quickly with 3x acceleration

With our skilled experts, analytics, and automations, we can reduce or eliminate migration cutover downtime and speed your overall cloud migration up to 3x.

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Success Stories

Learn how our customers have improved service quality, increased agility and reduced costs running their SAP+ on the cloud.