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What is AppCare SAP Managed Services from Protera Technologies?

The Gartner Group recognizes that the biggest factor contributing to the total cost of ownership of any enterprise solution is the labor and the skill set necessary to design, implement, support, upgrade and enhance that solution. Not only is the labor expensive, but the retention of the labor resources also contributes to the long-term success of the solution. Existing SAP customers feel these pains everyday when dealing with hiring employees, training employees, and retaining these employees to help support and enhance their SAP investment. Protera has recognized this problem for many years, and successfully delivers services that address these issues. Protera “AppCare” SAP Managed Service is designed to give existing SAP customers a cost-effective, comprehensive, and flexible application management solution for their SAP environment. Our SAP Managed Services are designed to be flexible by providing only the support services a customer needs to support and enhance their SAP solution. AppCare services leverage Protera’s unbeatable SAP expertise and experience to provide the most comprehensive and flexible managed services in the industry. Protera is one of 16 companies worldwide with the honor of being certified by SAP in hosting services.

AppCare Managed Services Provide:

  • 24×7 Help Desk support through our worldwide AppCare Client Care Centers
  • 24×7 real time automated monitoring and alerting
  • Named Senior SAP Basis experts assigned to all customers
  • SAP Basis administration
  • OS monitoring and administration
  • Database monitoring and administration
  • Performance management and tuning
  • Capacity planning
  • Detailed SAP health check analysis and  reporting
  • SAP migrations to HANA and S/4 HANA
  • SAP migrations to the Cloud
  • Data Archiving
  • Upgrades and Patching
  • On-going improvements and enhancements
  • And much more…

Benefits of the AppCare SAP Managed Services

Our SAP Managed Services are delivered via our AppCare operational platform.  Our AppCare platform incorporates people, best practice processes, standard operating procedures, technologies and automation. In a fast changing world it is expected for providers to build repeatable ways of delivering a high quality of service while adding personalized service and Protera has an unmatched combination which is the secret sauce to our total customer satisfaction.

The AppCare family of services has been designed to follow one overriding principle: Maximize a customer’s return on their SAP investment without sacrificing old fashion personalized service. Our “AppCare” SAP services offering has proven to deliver on this principle. Our “AppCare” services empower customers to receive the highest possible ROI on their SAP investment now and in the future.

Case Study: GulfMark Offshore Case Study

Faster Time to Benefit for New Functionality

Because of our years of SAP experience, we have devised aggressive project plans leveraging best practices to bring new functionality live in a shorter amount of time. Protera can provide pre-configured services that decrease implementation time even further while still delivering crucial functionality. Protera’s “AppCare” platform allows you to add new functionality faster without the burdens of high budgets and lack of resources.

Improved Utilization of Existing Resources

Protera’s “Appcare” services allow our customers to utilize their internal staff for more strategic business purposes rather than using them to support the day to day operations of their hardware, software, and communications. Protera’s “AppCare” platform allows customers to focus on the future growth of their business, while leaving the support, upgrade, and improvement of their SAP system to us. Protera eliminates the high costs associated with recruiting, training, and retaining staff allowing customers to put their capital to better use. Protera’s approach, to SAP Managed Services, allows companies to continue to grow and prosper in a global economy.

Improved System Performance and Availability

Protera guarantees the industry’s highest level of service for our fully hosted and SAP Managed Service customers. Protera offers guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLA) ensuring minimal unexpected downtime, proactive monitoring and problem resolution, and overall improvement in performance. Protera’s “AppCare” platform integrates with world-class data centers, redundant networking, 100% power guarantees, redundant systems, and many more tools to ensure the highest level of availability. Our 24×7 support also guarantees your system will be more stable for the long-term. Our SAP experience and expertise is unbeatable.

Streamlined Business

Protera offers the most comprehensive bundle of SAP Managed Service in the industry.  That includes: hosting, hardware, networking, communications, implementation, support, and continuous improvements all for one fixed monthly fee. Protera can also provide on-site help as needed through our SAP certified consultants. Protera eliminates the need to rely on multiple partners to implement and support your solution. The fixed monthly fee ensures you have fixed IT costs for next 3-5 years as all ongoing technical application support areas are covered. You get all the services you need to grow your business, while receiving 1 monthly invoice that covers all your costs.