Protera Arion

Self-Service Operations for SAP+ Related Applications on Azure and AWS

Protera Arion is the world’s first automation platform designed exclusively for migrating and running SAP+ related applications on Microsoft Azure or AWS. Built with our best practices from delivering decades of customer satisfaction, Protera Arion gives you new confidence in supporting your digital transformation with SAP+ on cloud.

SAP+ Cloud Migration

Get there faster with analytics and automation

  • Migrate SAP and related applications at up to 3x the speed and 30%-50% cost reduction
  • Automate the discovery of your environment ensuring the right target design for cloud, HANA or S/4HANA
  • Reduce risk with system-by-system migration methodology
  • Orchestrate latest SAP and cloud technologies such as Azure Migrate, AWS Cloud Endure, SAP SUM/DMO and HSR
  • Designed for cloud, HANA and SAP S/4HANA transformations

SAP+ Cloud Management

Your SAP runs right with better visibility and lower cost

  • Increase visibility: Execute your business projects confidently with complete transparency on key aspects of your SAP+ related applications on cloud
  • Keep cloud costs in line: Manage and predict cloud costs by landscape, system, project, or department
  • Improve application performance: View system responsiveness with metrics that adapt to how your users run SAP
  • Manage agile development: Provision cloud infrastructure, start and stop systems, automatically refresh systems for testing, and more
  • Keep systems secure and up-to-date: Know when your next system maintenance events are and be sure that proper maintenance is being performed
  • Monitor intelligently: Improve reaction time and root cause analysis by preventing overreporting and false positives from infrastructure and application monitoring

Designed for Microsoft Azure and AWS

Protera Arion is designed to take advantage of the full capabilities of both AWS and Microsoft Azure.
We work closely with their product development teams to ensure you are receiving the benefits of their latest innovations.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Since 2015, our operating portfolio and our operations have grown six-fold, 600%, and we’ve only had to double our workforce to accommodate. Running SAP on cloud managed by Protera, we’ve been able to keep OpEx low, still hit our margins, and really thrive in our industry.

– Eric Zenner
VP of IT

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