SAP Managed Services

Run SAP Related Applications on AWS or Microsoft Azure With Lower Costs, Higher Quality, and More Agility

How SAP Managed Services Work

We operate your applications, improve your processes, and optimize your business with SAP on AWS or Microsoft Azure


We provide technical management of your SAP related applications, including basis support, database, OS, security, patching, and performance.


We support your agile development projects with automations, self-service, and project support to help you improve your business.


We continually improve your performance, reduce your costs, and provide insights to help you optimize how you run SAP.

Operate SAP related applications

We provide technical management of your SAP related applications, including basis support, database, OS, security, patching, and performance.

We make sure that your systems are available, secure, responsive, and cost effective, and help you understand everything from transaction performance to the details of your cloud bill, all easily viewable through Protera Arion.

We provide superior SAP managed services, quality and innovation, coupled with deep SAP technical skills.

  • Named specialists with 10+ years’ SAP experience / 24x7x365 global delivery
  • Globally certified SAP cloud, SOC2, ITIL-based, SAP and non-SAP
  • Availability 99.9%, <1s system response, real-time critical issue handling
  • Complete service KPI visibility of availability, performance, capacity
  • Cloud-optimized infrastructure and data protection designs
  • Predictive monitoring with analytics correlation
  • Integrated ticket management
A screenshot of Protera and SAP Managed Services
A screenshot of Protera, an SAP Managed Services Provider

Improve your business with SAP projects

With your SAP related applications on the cloud, you’ll find yourself in a more agile environment – estimating the costs of new projects, provisioning and managing new infrastructures, testing and deploying code, and measuring the results.

We have extensive automation and services to support your projects in these areas, which we offer to you with Protera Arion and our included project support services.

  • Systematic infrastructure and SAP provisioning orchestration
  • Automated project infrastructure cost analysis
  • Automatically start/stop complex SAP development systems
  • Transports, copies, refreshes included

Optimize cost and performance

With traditional service providers, you may not know the details of how your systems are performing, or might lack the knowledge of SAP+ and the cloud to make optimization decisions.

With Protera Arion, we give you the same insights that our own service engineers have into your systems, and sit down with you on a regular basis to help you take the right action.

  • Real-time visualization of status and trends with automated analytics
  • Detailed cloud billing views
  • ITIL-based ITSM processes, expert guidance, predictive event management
  • Regular monthly business review
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Why Protera?

Protera Arion brings visibility and automation to improve performance, reduce costs, and improve agility of your SAP related systems on AWS or Microsoft Azure.


SAP migrations


SAP global certifications


Average years SAP experience

Protera Arion for Application and Cloud Managed Services

Protera Arion brings project automation that can reduce costs and increase agility of any SAP project on AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Protera Arion Module




Shows key operating metrics for SAP and associated non-SAP, including availability, performance, capacity, SLAs, ticket management

Quickly provides status at a glance
Alerts you to problem areas
Drill downs into correlated details


View your cloud costs by landscape, server, application, or project

Keep cloud costs in control in real time


Launch common tasks, manage tickets, integrates with your ticketing systems

Simplifier interactions; faster service response


View status, details and updates on your SAP and non-SAP systems

Easier management of large, complex systems, more visibility on activity


Automates provisioning, system patching, and start/stop cloud resources

Faster, repeatable, higher quality management; avoids underlying configuration complexity


Health and security checks ensure and improve availability

Keeps your systems available and up to date


Analyzes events to minimize false alerts and proactively escalate incidents

Thoroughly tracks multiple SAP parameters and filters out “noise”


Shows how your system is changing at a glance

Quickly determine how dynamic your configuration is and your service quality

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

We are not worried about the day-to-day operations, instead, we are looking forward and focusing on digitally transforming the business. Protera brings great tools and processes to the table, and as our cloud service provider, is running the show for us in the background.

– Michael Mullis

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