Enable data-driven decisions

Realize real value from integrated data across the business

Become a data-driven enterprise.

With disparate data spread across hundreds of systems, applications, spreadsheets, and documents, there are insights you don’t know you need or data you just don’t have today to make critical business decisions. With Protera’s end-to-end data intelligence strategy and management services, discover trends, highlight anomalies, and gain insights to make data-driven decisions in real-time.

Data Intelligence Benefits

Transform your business with powerful data mining capabilities designed specifically for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure utilizing Protera’s modern approach to adopt analytics in the cloud.

Centralize data for accurate, accessible real time reporting

Protera provides a low/no code single repository for structured and unstructured data from mission critical and ancillary data sources in a scalable, available, secure environment with enforced data management best practices

Maximize your investments and drive down cost

Reduce reliance on SAP-centric integration tools while reducing the cost to access data

Foster a data-driven culture

Explore opportunities to innovate, reduce cost, and increase efficiency by using centralized data in the cloud in an agile and efficient way across the business, driving data-driven decision making

Modern Data Management with Protera

Accurate and accessible data has become critical for the modern enterprise. Protera creates and manages a sound, correctly implemented data intelligence strategy providing your enterprise with a competitive edge.

What our clients say

“Protera’s knowledge, professionalism and passion for the cloud and ability to act as a trusted advisor have made things run very smoothly and has enabled success with our Ingevity Data Platform Project that I’m positive would not have been achieved without them.”
Alan Eager
Lead Data Architect, Data Strategy & Governance

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