Protera Technologies is a premier provider of SAP Certified Hosting and Application management solutions and services.

We take pride in hiring and keeping skilled professionals who work as a member of a team to provide customers with the best quality of services and dedication in the industry. Our reputation with employees and customers alike speaks for itself. As a leader in providing SAP services, we’re always interested in locating future stars interested in a rewarding career.


Protera’s commitment to its employees is reflected in a wide range of benefits, including flexible schedules, competitive benefits packages and continual training. The following are just some of the items we offer as part of our compensation plan:


University of Protera provides a structure of Grades, Classes, Material for training Levels of the AppCare Service Center (ASC), Application Management Service (AMS), Infrastructure Management Service (IMS), Project Management Office (PMO) & Sales resources.

University also provides training curriculum for all new hires through the Moodle learning platform.

The curriculum is comprised of internal and external courses and is targeted for level and area of resource.



We are always seeking for talent!

If you’d like to talk to someone further, please feel free to contact us at


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SAP Migrations. Faster.

Protera FlexBridgeSM makes HANA & S/4HANA Migrations fast, simple, and easy.

SAP Support will reach end of life, SAP users must migrate to HANA or risk losing support.

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