||SAP® Basis Explained for the Cloud Era
SAP® Basis Explained for the Cloud Era 2018-11-07T14:47:55+00:00

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SAP® Basis Explained for the Cloud Era

These days, it’s clear that maintaining an optimized SAP environment can provide organizations with numerous operational benefits to optimize your ERP investment. There’s still quite a bit of confusion surrounding how cloud computing can provide added business and functionality gains.

As many organizations are adopting an IT transformation strategy your critical SAP landscapes should be no exception. Yet, for many SAP customers, the roadmap to get to the public cloud while employing the right basis resources can be quite confusing.

Premier SAP® basis support comes with its own requirements and demands that must be addressed to ensure optimal productivity and overall health of your SAP environment.

With these considerations in mind, the global leader of SAP managed services Protera Technologies has put together this helpful infographic that provides a brief overview of SAP basis support, its capabilities in a cloud environment, specific pitfalls that can impede its effectiveness, and the usefulness of a dedicated SAP basis administrator to optimize your SAP landscape.

SAP Basis Explained for the Cloud Era Infographic