Tidewater Marine saves $65M & Migrates in 9 months – Thank You2020-06-19T00:29:38-05:00

Project Description

Tidewater Creates Global SAP Platform on AWS in Nine Months, Saves $65M

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The merger of Gulfmark with Tidewater brought a new opportunity to embrace technology, reduce cost, and improve profitability in how they manage global SAP systems.

In this webinar featuring the CIO of Tidewater, learn how they saved $65M after completing a merger of a legacy ERP to SAP on AWS in just nine months, and created an intelligent platform to manage scale, cost and continued business growth.

In This Webinar:

  • Hear best practices and lessons learned in creating a new global SAP ERP platform on AWS within a firm deadline
  • Learn the biggest risk this CIO wants you to avoid
  • Understand how digital integrations and process automation can optimize and create efficiencies across functional areas by eliminating data duplication, manual tasks and disconnected processes on global scale

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