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Migration of a 5+terabyte SAP landscape in 30 days in order to meet the business and training obligations for client distributors associated with a world-wide cutover to SAP. The client distribution base accounts for a significant amount of product sales revenue.

Client Profile

The client is an industrial automation control and information solutions for manufacturers with 5$B in revenue, publicly traded with world-wide operations, facilities and customers.

Client Challenges

The client needed to quickly provision a SAP distribution training system for large distributor base.

With limited SAP Basis and infrastructure resources available internally, the client required the ability to build out a 5TB SAP environment very quickly.


AppCare 3T On-Demand Hosting from Protera

Training of over 2500 key distributors was handled smoothly and efficiently in support of a world-wide cutover to SAP.

Protera performed a heterogeneous migration to deliver a cost effective solution to the client. 5+ terabytes of data were migrated from a Solaris to a Windows platform.

For those companies that lack extensive in-house data center facilities, are experiencing unexpected downtime, or simply choose to invest their capital to support mission critical goals instead of building data centers, Protera offers a suite of productized hosting on-demand services. These services are delivered via Protera’s world-class hosting facilities and an operational platform that offers stellar performance, availability and flexibility. Thes services leverage Protera’s extensive software knowledge and experience in SAP Hosting services to provide a comprehensive and flexible hosting platform.

Summary of Results

Migration of a 5 terrabyte environment complete in approximately one month.

Protera’s SAP certified on demand platform is providing a secure and stable platform. Protera performed the migration flawlessly and allowed the client to perform the training.

Protera golds weekly and monthly meetings with the client to report on SLAs, tickets and capacity planning.

Predictable MRC, provided significant, 110% savings over internal solution.

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