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SAP Suite on HANA® Migration Guide Checklist – Free HD Infographic


Migrating to HANA® requires careful planning and preparations. It is not the type of migration project you and your team should take lightly. An SAP Suite on HANA migration does take a while to complete, as there are several essential steps you need to follow for a smooth migration process.

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To help you get started on planning and preparing for your SAP on Suite on HANA® migration, Protera Technologies has broken down the process into seven simplified steps into a comprehensive infographic. At each step in the process, there are several key points which should be fully addressed and resolved before moving on to the next step.

You can consider this checklist guide as a pre-check to the implementation of your HANA migration. You should be able to go through this guide and tick each box all the way through Step 6. If there are any boxes you cannot tick, then you should spend the time addressing these areas and verifying what needs to be done to check the box before moving on to the next checkbox or step.

After doing so, if you have further questions about HANA migration or would like to learn more about Protera FlexBridge, our powerful automated migration tools, or our cloud migrations, managed IT services, or cloud services, please feel free to contact the Protera team directly to speak a SAP HANA expert today!

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