SAP BW on HANA® vs. BW/4HANA®: What’s the Difference? – Free Infographic2021-01-28T07:33:35-06:00

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SAP BW on HANA® vs. BW/4HANA®: What’s the Difference? – Free Infographic

SAP BW on HANA vs SAP BW/4HANA: What's the difference

When it comes to managing data, SAP has been a leader with a variety of different applications. BW is SAP’s flagship business data warehouse first released in 1998. Since that time, SAP has released BW/4HANA®.

The two most recent versions businesses are now using are either BW on HANA® or BW/4HANA®. Both have their own specific benefits. It is important to review these benefits to determine which ones fit well with your data management goals and objectives. In addition, if you are already running BW on HANA®, you can still migrate to BW4/HANA® to take advantage of the benefits of this database warehouse application.

When migrating from disk-based and server-based data warehouse management, it is best to break up your migration into specific steps. This will ensure a smooth transition from the old database system to the new one.

Additionally, it is highly recommended to review various challenges one could face while migrating from BW to one of the newer platforms.

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To learn more about BW on HANA® and BW/4HANA®, Protera has put together an infographic to help you better understand how to migrate BW and how to cover come challenges for your project.

Afterward, if you are ready to learn more and find out what you need to do to migrate, or if you want to see how Protera FlexBridge could help automate your migration, please   contact Protera Technologies directly today!

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