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“In just six weeks Protera designed and deployed a Disaster Recovery Solution for Chromaflo’s SAP ECC Production landscape on Azure. The solution is based on SAP industry best practices, and required close to no production downtime to implement. Protera provides the solution to Chromaflo as a Managed Service via Recovery as a Service (RaaS) for SAP. The new cost effective DR solution meets Chromaflo Business Continuity plan requirements and is designed to leverage the flexibility of Azure to scale as our business further expands globally and are very pleased with the high quality of services and solutions the Protera team continues to provide.”

Chromaflo Technologies SAP


“Accely Group is a Global Center of Excellence (CoE) for SAP solutions leveraging global delivery centers around the clock. Accely Group is a strong SAP Gold Partner for over (15) years, reselling SAP licenses, implementations, services and supporting small and mid-size companies. Accely’s industry focus is primarily within the Life Sciences, Consumer Products Goods, Wholesale Distribution, Retail and High Tech industries. Together with our technical partner, Protera Technologies we deliver world-class SAP solutions. Now with direct support of Protera’s expert cloud services, we are excited to employ the Microsoft Azure platform to host our critical SAP demo systems. We look forward to the flexibility of the cloud solution and leveraging the power of Azure when demonstrating the business functionality that SAP delivers.”


PHILIPPE DE SMEDT • Chief Executive Officer North America, Accely Group
“Elevance Renewable Sciences worked with Global SAP Certified Partner Protera Technologies for IT optimization options to reduce the cost and increase the agility of our SAP systems. The Microsoft and SAP knowledgeable Protera team proposed to migrate the systems from our existing co-location Data Center to the Azure Cloud to best meet Elevance’s requirements. Protera successfully prepared the migration project plan, designed the Azure target architecture and completed the migration of the ERP ECC Landscape from the current co-location data center to Azure in an impressive three months. Post go-live, I am confident in our fully optimized SAP environment that is now being consistency maintained via Protera’s SAP Technical Managed Services AppCare Platform on Azure cloud infrastructure.”

Elevance Renewable Sciences Logo

TRENT BIEDERMAN • CONTROLLER, Elevance Renewable Sciences
“SAP customers are seeking the many benefits that cloud solutions have to offer, at Zep Inc. we were no different and wanted to leverage the power of the AWS cloud for our SAP landscape including implementing a working Disaster Recovery plan and lowering our existing hosting costs. Utilizing Protera’s AppCare and FlexBridge migration automation services platform, Protera was able to resize our current environment and Disaster Recovery solution on AWS, resulting in a new overall solution that reduces costs by over $15,000 per month, while delivering an agile, high performing SAP environment.”

Zep Superior Solutions Logo

SHARON KEANE-MURPHY • Senior Director, ZEP, Inc.

“Baton Simulations’ ERP is an interactive business software simulation that lets people experience various end-to-end business processes in a live and competitive setting. ERPsimTM , leverages Baton’s Digital Adoption Solution (DAS) that runs on SAP’s Cloud Platform and seamlessly integrates with on premise Amazon S/4 system environment. We run ERPsimTM on SAP S/4HANA in the AWS Cloud on SUSE. The AWS cloud resources combined with Protera’s application management services perfectly meets our requirements for on demand, clean systems we can use for the duration of a business simulation. With the Protera system we can easily spin up as many systems as we need for our scheduled simulations and only pay for the cloud consumption we use.”

Protera and BATON simulations

“With the support of Protera’s senior AppCare resources, Enable Injections was able to successfully complete our rapid implementation project for SAP S/4HANA on SUSE. Protera employed their extensive experience and best practices with S/4HANA to setup our environment, while meeting our very aggressive implementation timeline. Post implementation, Protera is Enable Injections’ trusted SAP managed service provider with 24 X 7 support through their Protera AppCare services platform, ensuring our SAP systems are optimized and running with zero defects to report.”

Enable Injections Logo

MATT SPENCE • Senior IT Manager, Enable Injections

“By partnering with Protera Technologies, Locatel is able to focus on application development and deployment of new franchises. Protera’s professionalism and competence have made them crucial to the success of our SAP solution-based project. We’ve found the team at Protera delivers under pressure and is dedicated to our success and total customer satisfaction.”


At Genesis Consulting one of our core focuses is Agile Development and deployment of SAP centric solutions. We answer our clients’ call for ERP solution that deliver value rapidly and are easy to maintain. We are accelerating agile project cycles by deploying development systems in Protera’s flexible cloud environment. Also, their SAP certifications in hosting and cloud services provide us and our customers the confidence that we can rely on their deep SAP hosting and managed services expertise at any time.

Jason Fair • CEO, Genesis

“The AWS cloud allows Fitch Ratings to scale IT capacity up or down as needed. With the help of the expert and certified Protera team we now are able to reduce SAP operations costs, and reduce the complexity of our cloud migration project.”

Fitch Ratings Logo
Fitch Ratings

“The AWS cloud allows GulfMark Offshore to scale IT capacity up or down as needed, saving computing dollars.  With the help of Protera we now are able to reduce SAP operations costs, improve service, and create and maintain the operational elasticity and scalability we need to advance our business.”

GulfMark Offshore Logo

GulfMark Offshore

“The move [to SUSE on AWS], was straightforward from a financial standpoint. Total cost of ownership is half the price with twice the HANA capacity… it is projected that the entire solution will save Pacific Drilling roughly $1 million over three years.”

Yoram Borodaty, IT Director

GulfMark Offshore Logo

Pacific Drilling
“There are two kinds of SAP consultants. Those that only understand how to implement business processes, and those that also have a deep understanding of the SAP technical infrastructure. Protera is definitely in the latter group, as they clearly understand the SAP kernel, built-in and customer-specific ABAPs, SAP RFCs, data propagation between instances and more. Organizations that need deep SAP expertise can safely turn to Protera.”
Idan Shoham, MTechIT

“Protera’s professionalism and competence have made them crucial to the success of our SAP project for the last 4 years. We’ve found that Protera is a better breed of consultants with their dedication and ability to come through under pressure.”

IT Manager, Fortune 100

“Protera’s consultant had the performance tuning skills to make our newly upgraded R/3 system function like a well tune machine.”

Adena Franchi • SAP Systems Adminstrator, Panasonic

“Protera played an integral role in our worldwide implementation of Fax and email system integration to SAP. Given their high level of expertise and experience, they were able to easily adapt to our specific Fax and e-mail environments. The project has been successfully implemented and is now used by thousands of users worldwide.”

Messaging Systems Project Leader, Fortune 100 company

“Within our organization we have nearly every software product SAP offers and have had nearly every version of software SAP has produced since 1998. Protera has done the maintenance for many of these systems. It keeps us current and provides us the latest functionality and performance gains which SAP has developed. They have proven themselves to be experts in SAP maintenance.”

SAP Technical Team Leader, Fortune 100 Company

“Protera helped us deploy password management technology in a Fortune-100 enterprise by back-porting and adjusting system RFCs from SAP 4.6C to SAP 4.0B. This enabled our customers to more efficiently manage users and passwords even on older SAP installations, where the required infrastructure was not natively available.”

Idan Shoham • CTO, MTechIT

“Protera was responsible for developing our company’s change and transport infrastructure. They demonstrated an unparalleled level of proficiency in the area of CTS and SAP Basis administration. They consistently sought to uncover the important details to ensure we got a solution that met our exact requirements. It was the combination of technical aptitude and initiative which made them a truly valuable partner.”

System Analyst, Fortune 100 company

“In 1998, we decided to do a massive implementation of SAP. Protera was responsible for SAP sizing, implementation, and training. The project was completed before year 2000, and was considered a major success. We were completely satisfied with the results.”

IT Manager, Fortune 500 company

“Protera was able to help us through a multitude of SAP Basis and Infrastructure related support tasks. Not only do they ensure that our problems get solved right the first time, they also make sure that their knowledge is shared with our staff. This made our entire MIS support organization stronger as a result.”

System Analyst, Fortune 100 company

“Protera was responsible for our SAP implementation from a technical standpoint. This implementation required a change in corporate culture from a mainframe environment to SAP. The IT department needed to be realigned to the new business processes, and Protera was the main driving force for this change. They were able to interact with management and technical IT staff to complete the project on time and on budget.”

IT Manager, Fortune 500 company

“Protera is accountable and always provides quality work – I highly recommend them for technical services on SAP projects”.

IT Manager, Fortune 100

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