Disaster Recovery: Ensuring Your Company Is Ready for the Worst Case Scenario

Disaster Recovery Services

It is human nature to look on the bright side. Many business executives are prone to ignoring “disaster recovery” because a disaster seems to be an unlikely event. “Business continuity planning” suggests a more comprehensive approach to minimizing significant financial losses of your company, not only after disaster, but also in the event of smaller disruptions including illness or departure of key staff members, supply chain problems or other challenges that businesses face from time to time.

At Protera, we believe every business – regardless of size – should have access to disaster recovery and business continuity services that are simple, affordable and easy to use. We are dedicated to creating and delivering innovative business continuity solutions that challenge the traditional industry barriers of scale, cost and complexity. As such, we provide comprehensive, packaged recovery solutions, SAP consulting services and testing options to businesses globally. Our mission is to keep you connected to your customers, vendors, employees and community — no matter what.

Protera will help address the need for disaster recovery through analysis and documentation of the potential financial losses. We will work with a customer’s legal, financial and IT departments to document the total losses per day that your company would face if you were not capable of quick recovery. By thoroughly reviewing your business continuance and disaster recovery plans, we can identify the gaps that may lead to a successful recovery.

Our Disaster Recovery scope includes:

  • Agreed upon SLAs that include specific RTO & RPO objectives
  • Recovery of our customers’ application environments at an alternate processing location, including: servers, network connectivity, application software and data, and backup capability
  • Annual testing of Protera DR services

Protera’s Complete and Cost Effective Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS) for SAP on the Public Cloud:

To best meet the business continuity requirements of organizations running SAP, Protera has developed cloud based Recovery solutions that are complete, secure and affordable, delivered “as-a-Service”. Protera’s Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS) for SAP eliminates the complexity, cost, and risk associated with running traditional DR systems in a secondary location. The solution is delivered as managed services, maintaining SAP disaster recovery instances on a public or private cloud solution and continuously synchronizes Data and Application changes from the production environment to the DR instances.

Disaster Recovery Protera