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Protera FlexBridge

How to install SAP Discovery ABAP Analysis Program using SUSE Connect RPM package

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RPM Overview

There are 3 files within the flex_report-0.1-1.x86_64-1.rpm package:

File Name File Description At install copied to Bash script /usr/bin
K900482.SBX SAP transport cofile file /usr/sap/trans/cofiles
R900482.SBX SAP transport data file /usr/sap/trans/data

RPM Installation

Command line installation and execution

Log into a SAP server with Log into a SAP server with a /usr/sap/trans directory.

As user root,

execute the command:
rpm –i flex_report-0.1-1.x86_64-1.rpm

Then as user <sid>adm execute the commands:

chown <sidadm>:sapsys /usr/sap/trans/cofiles/K900482.SBX
chown <sidadm>:sapsys /usr/sap/trans/data/R900482.SBX

Transport Installation

As user  <sid>adm execute the command:


At Prompt 1: “Type the SID”

Enter the 3 alphanumeric name for SAP system

At Prompt 2: “Enter the Trans Directory:”

Enter the path to transport directory. Typically, this will be /usr/sap/trans

At Prompt 3: “Enter Pffile Name:”

Enter the file name of the pf (transport profile) file.

For example,  TP_DOMAIN_DR1.PFL

Executing the Discovery Analysis Program

Log into the SAP system the transport was installed.

Go to transaction SA38 and enter program name Z_FLEXBRIDGE_ASSESSMENT

ABAP Program Execution screenshot

Click Execute Execute

Highlight C:\Protera Assessment Report.xml

Z Flexbridge Assessment screenshot

Type in a name for the assessment data file.

As an example, use Systemname-Companyname-date.xml.

Click Execute Execute

Z Flexbridge Assessment screenshot

The report will be generated in under two minutes. The XML formatted file will be stored in the path of the computer executing SAPGUI.

Attach the XML file to an email and send it to Please note in subject “SUSE Connect Analysis”.

You will then be contacted by the Protera team to review your SAP migration assessment report.

Thanks, we look forward to talking with you!