Public Cloud: Unlimited Scalability

Public Cloud

The cloud is in every customer’s future. Cloud computing is a revolutionary way to deliver and consume IT applications and services. In a public cloud platform, located in one of the cloud hosting providers such as AWS or Azure, computing resources are highly virtualized, standardized, quickly provisioned and automated. Can you imagine a world where a complete SAP landscape could be provisioned in minutes vs. days? What if that landscape was already loaded with all the application data? With new cloud management and automation technologies provisioning entire landscapes in minutes has become a reality.

Public Cloud Benefits

Public Cloud offers significant benefits for all customers regardless of size. The use of Public Cloud resources significantly lowers IT infrastructure and labor support costs while improving the agility, flexibility, scalability and robustness of applications’ delivery and access.

The Protera Edge

At Protera, we have heavily invested in a state of the art on-demand operational platform (‘AppCare’) to bring to the cloud the very same qualities a dedicated hardware hosting solution is known for — data integrity, data consistency, data security, rigorous compliance, and unification of business processes across the company while leveraging the benefits of the cloud. It combines the dedicated hardware hosting qualities with the benefits of cloud computing in delivering applications on the public cloud. The benefits are getting even more significant as it is possible to deliver applications to a customer from two different public cloud providers seamlessly.

The Protera AppCare operational platform is designed to provide you with the highest level of value for your applications:

Public Cloud SAP Services