5 Managed IT Services That Every Enterprise Depends On

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Enterprise managed services are becoming essential to large companies in every industry as IT infrastructures and technology in general evolve and advance at a rapid pace. Cloud migration, data intelligence, IT security and digital transformation are just some of the many IT priorities companies are balancing today. It’s impractical (and in many cases impossible)

5 DevOps Security Challenges You Should Know About

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DevOps security challenges are top-of-mind for business IT leaders as they implement faster development cycles and migrate workloads to cloud-native environments. While advancements in the software development process have led to unprecedented innovation and transformed the way development teams contribute to overall strategy, they’ve also created new risks that IT security teams must continually

DevOps Evolution in 2022

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DevOps is taking the IT world by storm. Harvard Business Review found that 86% of enterprises are now employing DevOps practices, with survey participants specifically mentioning that their companies recognize the importance of developing and deploying new software more quickly. IT has transitioned from simply a cost center that supports the business to a

SAP Consulting Services: A Strategic Partnership

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Digital transformation has accelerated since 2020 by a pandemic that has demanded new levels of agility and resilience in order for businesses to remain successful. Remote work seems to be here to stay, and newly decentralized systems require sophisticated IT management that many companies aren’t accustomed to maintaining. Enter SAP consulting services. By partnering

SAP AWS Migration (4 Key Benefits and More)

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most trusted cloud providers for SAP enterprises around the world. Today, more than 5000 organizations run SAP on AWS to gain more modern, innovative, flexible, and data-driven capabilities.In the sections that follow, we’ll explore considerations for running SAP on AWS, including migration methods, key benefits, and three

Why run SAP on Azure? (Success Stories Included)

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By 2027, SAP support for its traditional ERP and ECC software will officially phase out. With this imperative nearing, now is the time for companies to migrate to cloud and evaluate SAP S/4HANA, and Microsoft Azure has proven to be a powerful choice for enterprises taking the leap. In fact, SAP’s own IT department

How to Choose the Right SAP Disaster Recovery Solution for Your Organization

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SAP disaster recovery solutions protect companies in the case of a system outage, security breach, or other unplanned event that causes downtime.Why is this important?Because research has found that an overwhelming 82% of companies experienced unplanned downtime over a three-year period, and the negative impacts are massive.Unplanned downtime can result in millions of dollars in

Your Guide to Executing an SAP Upgrade

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Periodic SAP upgrades ensure you continually achieve the highest possible ROI from your SAP investment. Upgrades are conducted to update technical capabilities, improve functionality, and enhance the overall strategy for leveraging SAP products and services to succeed. Over time, SAP upgrades make your organization more innovative, agile, and responsive to changing business environments and

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