Jumpstart Workloads on Azure in 28 Days

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Over the past few years, we’ve seen more companies migrate to the cloud than ever before. The pandemic, followed by new norms around remote and hybrid work, and intensified by big data and the need for more scalable IT infrastructures have collectively provided the final push many companies needed to operate their enterprise applications

RISE with SAP: Key Questions and Considerations

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Since its launch in early 2021, it has become clear that RISE with SAP is a central part of SAP’s plan for the future — aligning their strategy with the massive growth of “as-a-service” business models that’s occurred alongside the emergence of the cloud. SAP has deemed RISE with SAP a comprehensive solution that

Technical Migration Assessment for SAP on AWS

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Cloud migration is a big undertaking for any business, and one being taken on at a more rapid rate. But despite the mass corporate move to the cloud, many migrations fail to hit their targets from both a timeline and financial outlook. McKinsey surveyed 450 CIOs and found that 75% of cloud migrations go

Avoiding Data Breach with Automated Disaster Recovery

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No matter what your industry or type of business, security breaches and cyberattacks are a risk you’re faced with across your IT infrastructure — and they’re steadily on the rise. Verizon’s most recent Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) found that ransomware attacks jumped by 25% between 2017 and 2021, and separate research found that

SAP Implementation Service

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How to Choose the Right SAP Implementation Service for Your OrganizationAs digital transformation becomes more disruptive in enterprise settings, businesses must implement the right technologies that connect people with processes and operations.According to a recent McKinsey Global Survey on digital strategy, many organizations recognize that their companies’ business models have become obsolete. Only 11% believe

RISE with SAP vs. S/4HANA Cloud: The Showdown

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Rise with SAP vs S/4HANA SAP’s announcement that they would end maintenance on Business Suite 7 by 2027 had all SAP users — even those lagging on modernization plans — thinking about what their next steps would be once the traditional ERP system phased out. Since then, two SAP offerings have taken center stage:

5 Top Cloud Technologies to Adopt in 2023

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There’s no doubt about it: The cloud is the future of business. Gartner predicts that by 2025, 85% of organizations will operate with cloud-first principles and 91% of new workloads will be cloud native. The question for enterprises then becomes not whether they’ll use the cloud at all, but how well they can maximize

5 Enterprise Managed IT Services That Every Enterprise Depends On

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Enterprise Managed IT ServicesEnterprise managed IT services are becoming essential to large companies in every industry as IT infrastructures and technology in general evolve and advance at a rapid pace.Cloud migration, data intelligence, IT security and digital transformation are just some of the many IT priorities companies are balancing today. It’s impractical (and in many

5 DevOps Security Challenges You Should Know About

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DevOps security challenges are top-of-mind for business IT leaders as they implement faster development cycles and migrate workloads to cloud-native environments. While advancements in the software development process have led to unprecedented innovation and transformed the way development teams contribute to overall strategy, they’ve also created new risks that IT security teams must continually

DevOps Evolution in 2022

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DevOps is taking the IT world by storm. Harvard Business Review found that 86% of enterprises are now employing DevOps practices, with survey participants specifically mentioning that their companies recognize the importance of developing and deploying new software more quickly. IT has transitioned from simply a cost center that supports the business to a

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