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4 Creative Hybrid Cloud Solutions to Complex Problems

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A hybrid cloud hosting model is often used as a compromise — or a stepping stone to a more permanent, exclusively cloud-based solution. When you move your SAP landscape to the cloud or consolidate multiple systems on different platforms, you’re in the hybrid cloud — at least until the project is done. But the hybrid

5 Questions to Ask Your SAP Managed Services Provider in the Cloud Era

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No one understand the needs of your company better than you. Unfortunately, translating those needs into a program for SAP transformation can be a daunting challenge. Many SAP managed services providers struggle to bridge the gap between technical requirements and business strategy, resulting in a less successful cloud SAP transformation. Whether you’re looking for

4 Benefits of SAP Basis Managed Services

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Your entire SAP landscape depends on the effectiveness of your SAP Basis team, but many companies struggle with internal SAP Basis administration. Here are four key ways SAP Basis managed services can help. Advantages of SAP Basis Managed Services 1. Better Stability System administration and management is one of the most critical aspect to

Introduction to SAP Cloud Security

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Protecting SAP is a lot like securing a building. You need to invest in certain infrastructure, such as locks, an alarm system, and cameras. Those systems have to be maintained, and replaced when they become outdated. Finally, you need a vigilant team who can monitor your security systems, along with catching things those systems

The Complete Guide to SAP Basis Managed Services

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Your business depends on your SAP landscape, and the health of that landscape rests on your Basis team. Yet many businesses still treat SAP administration as an afterthought. Whether you’re already looking for an SAP Basis managed service provider or just learning what SAP Basis is, here’s what you need to know about finding

SAP Basis Explained

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What is SAP Basis? Your SAP landscape is made of different modules, which accomplish different tasks within a business. Those modules rest on a common database and operating system, and work together to run day-to-day business operations. SAP Basis is the set of tools that link the software together, ensuring your SAP landscape can

How to Stop Worrying About Public Cloud Disaster Recovery

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The public cloud provides the resources for disaster recovery, but companies still need to put in the work of evaluating risks and potential losses, and ensuring their solution addresses those risks. In this cloud agnostic post, we explain what companies need to do so they can know their SAP landscapes and data are secure.

Key Considerations for Selecting Your Technical SAP® Partner

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Most SAP managed services and hosting providers (including us) tout their certifications and partnerships with SAP and other vendors, but SAP tenants don’t always know exactly what all of those things mean. Should you care that a technical vendor like Protera is a Global SAP partner with five SAP certifications if all you need is

SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference Overview, with Sam Arra

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SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference is where SAP customers and partners come together to learn the latest technology updates directly from SAP, including how to build a strategic roadmap for SAP HANA, and S/4HANA. The annual conference has grown to be a global event where leaders in SAP technology from all over the

5 Reasons to Visit Protera Booth #1139 at SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference 2018

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Be sure to make Protera a ‘must have’ on your 2018 agenda! Here are 5 great reasons to include SAP global managed services and hosting partner Protera Technologies as a “must have” on your conference agenda this year! 1. Schedule an ONSITE STRATEGY MEETING in Protera Booth #1139 Have questions about an upcoming SAP HANA, S/4HANA or