Jumpstart Workloads on Azure in 28 Days

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Over the past few years, we’ve seen more companies migrate to the cloud than ever before. The pandemic, followed by new norms around remote and hybrid work, and intensified by big data and the need for more scalable IT infrastructures have collectively provided the final push many companies needed to operate their enterprise applications

Why Companies Choose Protera to Manage their Enterprise Workloads

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Security and agility are top-of-mind for CIOs and other business leaders as their organizations face a number of economic headwinds in today’s firmly post-pandemic environment. Inflation and ongoing recession concerns now demand greater financial visibility and spending transparency. Lingering pandemic impacts and sociopolitical conflicts have put supply chain security at risk. At the same

RISE with SAP: Key Questions and Considerations

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Since its launch in early 2021, it has become clear that RISE with SAP is a central part of SAP’s plan for the future — aligning their strategy with the massive growth of “as-a-service” business models that’s occurred alongside the emergence of the cloud. SAP has deemed RISE with SAP a comprehensive solution that

Technical Migration Assessment for SAP on AWS

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Cloud migration is a big undertaking for any business, and one being taken on at a more rapid rate. But despite the mass corporate move to the cloud, many migrations fail to hit their targets from both a timeline and financial outlook. McKinsey surveyed 450 CIOs and found that 75% of cloud migrations go

Choosing a Partner to Migrate and Automate SAP on Cloud

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SAP is one of the most-used and most reliable enterprise software systems in the world, and as more and more companies move to the cloud, they’re leveraging SAP to support their digital transformations. To execute successfully, many organizations turn to external SAP partners who can guide them through their journeys. In fact, Statista reports

Avoiding Data Breach with Automated Disaster Recovery

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No matter what your industry or type of business, security breaches and cyberattacks are a risk you’re faced with across your IT infrastructure — and they’re steadily on the rise. Verizon’s most recent Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) found that ransomware attacks jumped by 25% between 2017 and 2021, and separate research found that

SAP Implementation Service

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How to Choose the Right SAP Implementation Service for Your OrganizationAs digital transformation becomes more disruptive in enterprise settings, businesses must implement the right technologies that connect people with processes and operations.According to a recent McKinsey Global Survey on digital strategy, many organizations recognize that their companies’ business models have become obsolete. Only 11% believe

SAP Value Creation on the Public Cloud: Executing Cloud FinOps

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FinOps is a holistic cloud management strategy that aims to optimize cloud infrastructure costs and operations, creating efficiencies wherever possible and maximizing the value of every dollar your company spends in the cloud. During my recent webinar, Selecting the Right SAP Opportunity for Value Creation, I discussed FinOps alongside other important public cloud topics,

SAP DevOps

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SAP Value Creation on the Public Cloud: Implementing DevOpsDevOps has long been emerging as the software development methodology of the future. But there’s something essential I’ve learned in my own experience implementing SAP DevOps and exploring how it can be most effective — primarily, that there is much more to DevOps than its technological definition.Here’s

SAP Migration to Public Cloud

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The Journey to SAP on Public Cloud: Migration vs. ModernizationSAP migration to public cloud and making the jump to S/4HANA is no longer a question of if but when, leaving many enterprise IT leaders and executives wondering how to plan a journey for their business that enhances capabilities, minimizes business disruption, and positions their organization

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