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Les Redei is the VP of SAP Professional Services for Protera Technologies, with over thirty years of technology expertise, comprised of twenty-two years in SAP covering the areas of R/3, ECC, NetWeaver, HANA, S/4, SRM, PI/PO, BI, EP, MDM, PLM & SCM. Les has IT project leadership and project management experience and thorough technical and analytical problem-solving skills.

What is an SAP Basis Administrator?

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An SAP Basis administrator is an IT professional responsible for running your SAP landscape.Basis admins handle routine maintenance, operation, and upgrades, and play a major role in planning and executing migrations and other major projects.On a technical level, HANA Basis administration is simpler than administering previous generations of SAP software, but it requires deeper analysis

The Making of a Top SAP Basis Administration Team

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Administrators have never been the rockstars of the IT world. While your developers build exciting new products and features, your admins work quietly behind the scenes, keeping everything running smoothly. But despite their low profile, your SAP Basis administrators are some of the most important figures in the success of your organization. They prevent

Customer Question of the Month: How can I ensure success in complex enterprise transformations?

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Complex transformations can have large project teams and extensive technological requirements that can be a challenge for your organization. Here’s how to make sure your enterprise digital transformation is a success. Enterprise Digital Transformation: The Good News On a basic level, there’s less to worry about than you probably think. The enterprise digital transformation

Customer Question of the Month: Boundary Systems and SAP Migration

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Your SAP system isn’t an island — if it were, it would be no use to you. To power your business, it needs to serve as the hub of a complex web of interconnected services and platforms. There’s information flowing into it — like customer orders and supply tracking data — and information flowing out

4 Critical Elements of an SAP HANA Migration Project Plan

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One of the biggest challenges of planning an SAP HANA migration is simply that most companies don’t know what to expect. The technologies and methodologies involved have changed so quickly that the vast majority of organizations on SAP legacy systems have never experienced anything like a modern SAP transformation.Yet at the same time, companies are

Functional vs. Technical: How Migration Automation Bridges the Gap

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SAP functional and technical consultants complement each other, and both are indispensable for operating an SAP landscape. Without functional consultants, you wouldn’t be able to harness the flexibility, customizability and power of SAP HANA or SAP ERP. Likewise, without a technical team, you wouldn’t be able to keep your system running, or execute upgrades and

The Complete Guide to SAP Basis Managed Services

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Your business depends on your SAP landscape, and the health of that landscape rests on your Basis team. Yet many businesses still treat SAP administration as an afterthought. Whether you’re already looking for an SAP Basis managed service provider or just learning what SAP Basis is, here’s what you need to know about finding

Migration From SAP BPC to S/4HANA: Getting There In Time

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The clock is ticking for SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC). SAP has announced that it will end support for BPC on December 31st, 2020, along with support for the current version of BW4/HANA. Don’t worry — the situation isn’t as bad as it sounds. Here’s what you need to do to keep support