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Protera FlexBridge Overview
Organizations currently running their business on SAP and planning to transition to HANA or S/4 HANA will significantly reduce the cost and complexity of their migration project by leveraging the Protera FlexBridge Suite of Services and Tools. These Services and Tools are integrated in a comprehensive HANA Migration Automation platform that supports most SAP Business Suite Applications running on a large combination of OS/DB environments.

Based on specific project requirements Protera FlexBridge can perform a HANA conversion in one step including; the DB migration to HANA, the OS migration to Linux, the selective upgrade of SAP Applications to a more recent version, and UNICODE conversion if needed.
Protera FlexBridge

Combined Benefits of Methodology and Automation

Typical Migration Cost and Time savings range from 45% to 60% over a traditional approach, due primarily to the migration methodology and automation tools built in Protera FlexBridge.

Beyond the hard savings Protera FlexBridge also offers IT decision makers the assurance that every step of their HANA Migration project is fully planned based on SAP recommended best practices and SAP validated tool sets, and ensures that the entire migration process is fully documented, from initial migration readiness assessment to post-migration acceptance tests.

The combination of Proven Methodology and Automation greatly facilitates the migration of multiple SAP landscapes in parallel and allows organizations to transition complete SAP  production environments in full confidence.

Typical Use Cases for Protera FlexBridge

Regardless of organization size and/or industry Protera FlexBrige supports most HANA migration initiatives and situations, from initial migration PoC to complete SAP production environment migrations to HANA.

With Protera FlexBridge organizations accelerate the success of their HANA migration and deployment initiatives through every step of their HANA journeys. Our customers rely on our team to provide expert HANA migration guidance and delivery services.

HANA Migration PoC

Validation of the full HANA migration process with no impact on existing SAP production systems
Migration of individual production landscape

Often existing SAP customers start their HANA journey by moving a BW or BI landscape
All HANA Migration Initiative

This phase usually comes after a successful PoC or one SAP landscape migration

FlexBridge Supported Environments

While HANA deployments run on a defined and limited number of Linux systems, source systems run on a large variety of OS and DB environments. Below is a summary of the environments FlexBridge support.

Source Systems

- ECC 5.0, 6.0
- BW
- Windows, Linux, Unix
HANA Target Systems

- Linux SUSE
Deployment Environments

- Cloud; AWS, Azure, Verizon
- Colocation
- On-Premise
- Hybrid

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