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Who is Protera Technologies?

Protera Technologies, Inc., a global Total IT Outsourcing Services Provider for SAP-centric organizations, was formed in the mid 90s to provide comprehensive end-to-end IT solutions for customers with SAP in the core of their IT resources. Protera Technologies has capitalized on its unbeatable experiences with SAP to evolve into a pioneer of end-to-end total IT Outsourcing global solutions that cover all IT needs of an organization. Protera has built an On-Demand delivery platform ('AppCare') that enables Total IT Outsourcing that is based on the On-Demand and Cloud computing principles . The AppCare platform brings together the comprehensiveness of a total IT solution along with the flexibility, robustness and cost effectiveness of On-Demand/Cloud innovations. Our services focus on total customer satisfaction with dedicated points of contact and experts that know our customers environments in depth.

Protera is dedicated to empowering customers by keeping them competitive, confident, and excelling in the new global economy. Whether you are a large global organization or an aggressive growth start up company, Protera has designed flexible solutions to meet the needs of most types of organizations:

 Protera benefits                  
Protera Technologies AppCare platform enables an array of global IT solutions from Total IT Outsourcing to point solutions such as On-Demand SAP Hosting, Cloud services, Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, Fax services, Citrix, IBM Webspere, Disaster Recovery, Network Management and Remote Application Management.

The Protera team believes that we are well positioned to be the premier Total IT Outsourcing Services Provider for an organization that has deployed SAP as its ERP system for the following reasons:

SAP Experience and Expertise

Leading analysts from the Gartner Group and the Meta Group agree that one of the critical success factors of any service will be their industry expertise. Protera Technologies, as an organization, has been providing SAP expertise and services since 1998. The management team defining our solutions have been involved with SAP services in multiple companies including SAP, IBM and other hosting providers since the early 90's. Our SAP and Outsourcing experience is unbeatable. There is no other provider that better understands how to integrate and support all IT resources for an organization with SAP as the core ERP system.

Not only is our SAP expertise unmatched by other providers, but also the way in which we became a total IT Outsourcing provider further separates us from the pack. While most providers are start up organizations artificially created to offer Outsourcing solutions, Protera has built on past implementation experiences and successes to evolve naturally into a total IT Outsourcing provider that understands the importance of SAP in the center of a client's IT resources. It is this evolution that makes us better prepared to be the right partner for you.

Company Stability

The Sinn Consulting group has indicated that a company's stability is another critical success factor for Solution Providers. Successful solution providers must be able to produce positive revenue flows in order to maintain their own stability while at the same time being able to solidify a long-term reliability for their customers. Protera has consistently posted positive revenue flows from the very beginning, giving our customers a stronger sense of stability since 1998. Protera is a privately funded company that does not rely on external funding from investors, thus we control our own destiny. These factors have stabilized our future, and guarantee to our customers we will be there for them in the long run.

Bundle of Services and Flexibility

The Meta Group and Sinn Consulting also identify a provider's offered functionality as another critical success factor. Protera Technologies offer the most comprehensive end-to-end bundle of services in the industry. We can go beyond the traditional provider model in many ways to offer a superior solution to our customers leveraging our partners when needed. Where other providers separate items such as implementation, remote support, networking, security, email, sharepoint, faxing, DR, application upgrades, hardware refreshes, end-user training, and much more, Protera can incorporate all of these items into our AppCare solutions. As well, Protera also relies on our certified professional services practice to provide on-site assistance when needed; this makes Protera the true "one-stop-shop". Our bundle of services is unmatched.

Cost Effectiveness

The Meta Group, Sinn Consulting, and IDC identify efficient partner management, best practices, and quick implementations as additional critical success factors for Solution Providers. By successfully delivering on all three areas, Protera can offer the most cost-effective Managed Services and Total IT Outsourcing solutions in the industry. Our extensive experience in core technlogies such as SAP, Cloud Computing, On-Demand Hosting, AMS, Microsoft Exchange, Sharepoint, Webshere, Citrix, end-to-end Networking management, gives us the knowledge to leverage best practices that accelerate implementation time and help reduce overall costs. In addition, Protera also offers ready-to-run, preconfigured solutions that dramatically reduce implementation time, which helps to reduce overall costs. Protera's On-Demand Delivery Platform ("AppCare") enables robust, flexblle and cost effective solutions. All of these factors combined make us the most cost-effectiveservices Provider.

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